Attending college or university is an exciting opportunity to enrich your life and career goals. It can also be a time of change, adjustment and stress. You don’t have to navigate this all on your own. My SSP is here to help. My SSP is here to support you when you need it, from wherever you are. 

Call. Chat. Anytime. Anywhere. My SSP connects students with free, confidential mental health and wellbeing support conveniently available 24/7 via the My SSP app, telephone and web.

What is My SSP? 

Real-time chat support 24/7
Chat with a professional counselor at your convenience

Telephone support 24/7
Speak to a professional counselor with a simple phone call

Short term support from a dedicated counselor 
Connect with the same counselor over multiple sessions via phone or video

Health assessments
Complete an anonymous assessment to get feedback on your emotional health

Browse health & wellbeing content
Access articles, podcasts, and videos addressing a variety of wellbeing topics

Access virtual fitness sessions
Sign up for FREE virtual fitness sessions available through LIFT 
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My SSP resources and professional counselors can help you address common concerns such as:

  • Relationship issues
  • Feelings of isolation, loneliness or sadness
  • General stress and worry
  • Adapting to a new campus culture, learning style or city
  • Frustration or uncertainty related to studies or post-grad plans
  • Creating balance between personal and academic priorities
  • Many other presenting issues and concerns
Your use of My SSP – including chats, calls, and conversations, is free and confidential – meaning your professors, family, friends, etc., will not know unless you tell them.

Support in your language!

My SSP content and support are available 24/7 in Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, French, and English. For other language preferences, you may request to be set up with a counselor who speaks that language (by appointment, depending on availability).

Want to learn more?

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* The University of Colorado Denver does not own, sponsor, recommend, or endorse any of the health care providers available through the Lifeworks service. Lifeworks is a wholly separate third party entity. It is your responsibility to carefully screen and review any information that Lifeworks asks you to review and to screen the profiles of and references of any mental health providers that you choose to provide personal information to before you engage with Lifeworks and use their services. CU Denver provides these resources and programs for use as referral only. By providing this information, the University assumes no financial or other responsibility for any relationship established by and between any University student and an individual, company or organization listed on the Lifeworks website.