About Us

Who We Are

Our office provides mental health counseling services to CU Denver Students as well as community members and Denver Public Schools (DPS) students and their families. Fee-paying students receive counseling sessions at no cost. Community members are charged a nominal fee for services.

In addition, our center serves as a training center for counseling graduate students in the School of Education and Human Development (SEHD). We are staffed by psychologists, professional psychotherapists, and advanced graduate-level practicum students. Counseling faculty members, as well as professional staff supervise our students.

Supervisors and psychotherapists are well-trained in working with diverse psychological issues with individuals, couples, and families. Services at our center emphasize enriching the quality of life for those seeking treatment. Each individual, couple, or family is assured respect and confidentiality. We honor the personal needs, philosophies, and beliefs of our clients.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Our Mission

The mission of our center is to provide systemic, strength-based, culturally responsive mental health services focused on relationship, support, growth, and solutions. 

To fulfill this mission, we will deliver:

  • Quality counseling, consultation, testing, outreach, and preventative mental health services
  • A competency-based, intensively supervised training program to School of Education and Human Development (SEHD) practicum and internship students
  • Affordable counseling services to Denver Public Schools students and their families, as well as underserved groups and individuals in the community
  • Services with sensitivity to diversity and inclusion of all clients regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, and ability

Diversity Statement​

We embrace and affirm: a belief in diversity and equity for all backgrounds and identities; inclusion as an operational principle; a commitment to multiculturalism and social justice as underpinning values that shape who we are and how we deliver services.

Staff and trainees at the center are encouraged to examine their attitudes, assumptions, behaviors and values, and to develop understanding of and sensitivity to individual and cultural diversity. However, we recognize that achieving multicultural diversity and inclusivity consistently can be difficult. We recognize that we are subject to mistakes and can struggle with our own biases, identities, and status/privilege. Therefore, we are committed to on-going examination as individuals and professionals that will enhance our ability to more effectively address the mental health needs of students and the great diversity represented at our university.


  • Information given to a therapist is, by law, strictly confidential
  • Information about clients cannot be released to any agency or individual outside of the clinic without specific written permission
  • Confidentiality may be broken only in cases of emergency or legal requirements in the State of Colorado
  • Your counselor will review these exceptions in your first session.

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