Rachel Cohen

a portrait photo of Rachel Cohen

Rachel Cohen has a diverse background in teaching, community planning, and social work, with a focus on aging and nonprofit management, helping people and organizations find their purpose and work through difficult transitions.

She is the Executive Director of LinkAGES Colorado, an innovative organization that creates opportunities for meaningful intergenerational connections, and CEO of Aging Dynamics, a national consulting firm working with clients to build age-friendly and healthy communities.

With nearly 30 years of experience working and consulting with public and private organizations of all sizes and across sectors such as aging, health care, and public health, Rachel helps entites understand and work with one another to achieve common goals on the local, state, and national levels. She practices deep community engagement, setting high standards for inclusion and accessible outreach to build communities that are supportive, engaging, and equitable places to grow up and grow older.

Rachel brings her depth of experience into the classroom. As an instructor of undergraduate and graduate level courses in social work and community planning at several universities, she creates an inclusive environment in which participants with diverse communication and learning styles can contribute fully, enhancing the process and their experience. She coaches people who are nearing retirement and exploring their purpose and identity as they transition into new personal and professional chapters.

Rachel holds a Bachelor's in City Planning from the University of Virginia, a Master of Social Work with a focus on nonprofit management, a Specialist in Aging certificate, and a Master of Urban Planning from the University of Michigan. 


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