Councils & Committees

The CU Denver SGA functions more like the federal government than a high school student council. In addition to the President and Vice President who make up the executive branch, there is a legislative and a judicial branch of the government. Each legislative committee hold voting rights within the senate and members are responsible for representing the student body. Each committee has a special function to help ensure that student needs and ideas are championed on campus. SGA Senators and Representatives

Throughout the year, Senate may propose the creation of an ad hoc committee that has a scope of work limited in time and function which may be open to students-at-large to participate in. Past ad hoc committees include a Sustainability committee to develop green purchasing recommendations for SGA, fee funded offices, and student organizations and a Bylaw Review Committee for SGA to revise governing documents.

If you are interested in joining SGA as a member of the team or about involvement on any ad hoc committees, please email and we will share any available opportunities.