Esther Bellinsky

“Whenever I’m struggling, I think about the fact that I’ve been given this opportunity and couldn’t do it without it.”

When Esther Bellinsky moved to Israel with her family at age 12, she saw firsthand the human cost of geopolitical conflict and the value in finding common ground. Her experience abroad helped her become more conscious of world affairs and set her on a path toward security studies and conflict resolution. Today, she’s pursuing a career that will help address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “In a world that is so divided, the only way to create positive change is by working together,” she explains.

Esther has found her home at CU Denver, which she credits with exceptional international studies and study abroad programs as well as a diverse student body that lends more perspective. “Being at CU Denver solidified my goals and set me in a path of knowing where I want to go,” she says. As one of eight children, however, she worried about the cost of pursuing a degree. “If I hadn’t received a scholarship, I wouldn’t be in university at all,” she says.  

Scholarship support makes it possible for Esther to attend CU Denver while working fewer hours, staying focused on academics, volunteering, conducting research, and producing independent projects. “The support from the CU Denver community in general and specifically the generosity and support from our donors warms my heart and encourages me to continue with my activities and projects with a burning passion,” she says. 

Esther credits her scholarship support with providing the opportunity to live up to her full potential. “This opportunity has helped me understand where I’m going. I’ve gained so much at CU Denver. It’s not just about what I learned – it’s about who I’ve become.”