Anschutz Medical Campus Retired Faculty Obituaries

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Richard F. Bakemeier

January 31, 2016; age 85-- physician, scientist, teacher, canoeist, hiker, traveler. He is survived by his wife Alice Millett Bakemeier, daughter Emily Bakemeier (Guilford, CT) and son Robert Bakemeier (Mercer Island, WA). His stepchildren in Colorado include Kim Millett (Denver), Elizabeth Cochran (Conifer), Peggy Zemach (Durango) and their families. Dick was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, attended the University of Rochester (1952 ABSc), its School of Medicine (1957 MD), and as a Fulbright Scholar studied immunopathology at the University of Cambridge (1956 MSc). He was the founding editor of the American Association for Cancer Education's Journal of Cancer Education. After 25 years on the faculty of the University of Rochester's School of Medicine, he moved to Denver in 1985 after marrying Alice. He joined the faculty of the University of Colorado Cancer Center. He later was Dean of Continuing Medical Education, Chair of the C.U. Faculty Council, and recipient of C.U.'s Joseph Addison Sewell Award for Exceptional Leadership and Vision, among other honors. A small memorial service is scheduled for 1:00 pm, Saturday, 27 February, at Clermont Park, 2479 S. Clermont St. Denver. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Richard F. & Alice Bakemeier Diversity Scholarship Fund at the University of Colorado School of Medicine (1800 Grand Street, Denver, CO 80203) or Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church. 


David Wilson Talmage, MD

(September 15, 1919- March 6, 2014)

David W. Talmage passed away at the age of 94 years old at home. He spent his youth in Korea raised by his parents and beloved Grandmother Emerson. He did not visit the United States until he was 13 and again for college. He attended Maryville College for one year and then transferred to Davidson College, where he graduated in 1941. He then attended Washington University for Medical School and graduated in 1944. From 1945-1947, he served as a medical adviser to the Korean government for the United States Army. He then served a residency at Barnes Hospital from 1949-1950 and a fellowship at Washington University from 1950-1951. He married his wife, LaVeryn Talmage, in 1944 and stayed devoted to her until death. Together they raised five children and got to see ten grandchildren.

David W. Talmage had a distinguished career at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, the University of Chicago, and the University of Pittsburgh. He was awarded distinguished professor at the University of Colorado from 1986 to present. He was the Associate Dean for Research Affairs, the Dean of Faculty, Professor and Chairman of Microbiology, and an active Retired Faculty Association member at the University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Center.

His professional work earned him much acclaim, he earned many honors, and he was a great research scientist and writer. He was the author of more than 150 articles and scientific journals. Three weeks before his death, he submitted a paper to a physics contest with an essay on physics related to gravity and inertia.


Memorial service will be held at 3:00 pm on Saturday, March 15, 2014, at Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church, 1980 Dahlia Street, Denver.​ 


James H. Shore, M.D., Professor, Department Chair, University Chancellor, friend and colleague, died suddenly Sunday, Sept. 29, at his ranch in Wyoming. Dr. Shore is well known throughout the CU family, and widely respected by all. His selfless contributions to our institution, notably facilitating the redevelopment of the Anschutz Medical Campus and integration of the downtown and Aurora campuses that gave rise to the consolidated University of Colorado Denver l Anschutz Medical Campus, represent but a few of the many milestones in his illustrious career. Dr. Shore’s scientific achievements are equally seminal.

The family is planning a memorial and celebration of Dr. Shore’s life with a tentative date of Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013. Details will be forthcoming​.



Al Bartlett died on September 7, 2013 at the age of 90. Dr. Bartlett was a well renowned University of Colorado physics professor. He gave a lecture 1,741 times in 49 states on the connection between population growth and energy consumption. Bartlett also helped initiate the "Blue Line" admendment in Boulder to keep homes from being built further up Boulder's foothills. A memorial service is being planned to be held in Boulder in October.



Vincent A. Fulginiti died on March 19, 2013 at the age of 81 in Tuscon.  Dr. Fulginiti was the Chancellor of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.  He and his wife Shirley held a lifelong interest in biomedical ethics.  In Memoriam

John Sbarbaro died on August 30, 2011 at the age of 75. Since 1969, Dr. Sbarbaro has served in many capacities at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, School of Medicine, where he held professorships in the Departments of Medicine and Preventive Medicine and finished his career there as the Medical Director of University Physicians, Inc.


Carter Ballinger died January 20, 2010 at age 87. Dr. Ballinger was Professor of Anesthesia at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and previously at the University of Utah School of Medicine. In lieu of flowers, memorial gifts may be made to the CU Foundation, which will use them to support the School of Medicine, or to the church or a charity of your choice.

Norm Weiner died March 5, 2009. He was Chairman of the SOM Department of Pharmacology from, 1967 to 1989 when he was awarded status as a Distinguished Professor.


Barbara Fuller died September 23. 2007. She was on the SON faculty from 1969 through 2003. She was a dedicated and outstanding teacher, researcher, and faculty member at the School for 34 years.


Maxine Berlinger died August 30, 2007. She was Chairperson of Maternal/Child Nursing, Acting Assistant Dean of Graduate Affairs, Assistant Dean of undergraduate programming, and, Coordinator of Student Affairs for the SON.


F. A. "Gus" Garcia died July 6, 2007 . He had an extensive involvement in Colorado Medicine and in the CU Medical School. He was a strong advocate for recreation facilities on the Anschutz Medical Campus.


Lawrence Meskin died June 26, 2007.  He was Dean of the School of Dentistry from 1981until 1987 and was Dean of the System-wide Graduate School from 1988 to 1990.


Lewis I. Pizer died December 15, 2006. He served as Professor of Microbiology and Immunology in the School of Medicine until his retirement in June of 2006.


Ray Kilcoyne died August 8, 2006.  He was professor in the SOM Department of Radiology until his retirement.


Bill Waddell died July 21, 2006.  He was chairman of the SOM Department of Surgery from 1962 until 1975.


John J. Conger died June 24, 2006.  Among his many accomplishments at the University of Colorado, he served as Professor of Clinical Psychology, Dean of the School of Medicine, Vice-President for Medical Affairs, and Chancellor of the Health Sciences Center.  He was also president of our HSC RFA in 1997.


John Ray Pryor,  died January 15, 2006.  He was a Professor of Cardiology until his retirement in 1989.


Karl Sussman, died in October 2005.  He was a retired Professor of Medicine from the CU Health Science Center and past president of the American Diabetes Association and a former Chief of Medicine at the V.A. Medical Center. 


Yasuhiko Takeda, Professor Emeritus in the Clinical Pathology division of the School of Medicine Department of Pathology, died September 3, 2005.


Conrad M. Riley, Professor emeritus, died July 3, 2005 at age 91. He graduated from Yale University and Harvard Medical School. In 1960 he came to Denver General Hospital to direct its pediatrics department. From 1961 to 1966, he supervised the new Department of Preventive Medicine and Biometrics in the School of Medicine. He later served as Dean of Admissions for the School of Medicine.  


Brandt F. Steele, professor emeritus of psychiatry, CU School of Medicine and Kempe Children’s Center, died January 19, 2005.  He was 97 and was an internationally respected psychiatrist best known for his work in child abuse prevention. He died Jan. 19, 2005.



Floyd McIntire, Professor Emeritus in the CU School of Dentistry, died December 1, 2004 in Urbandale, IA.  He was Professor of Oral Biology in the School of Dentistry from 1973 to 1984. He was born September 10, 1914 in Price, Utah.  



John T. (Jack) Reeves, 75, Emeritus Professor medicine, pediatrics and surgery, died September 15, 2004 from injuries sustained in a vehicle-bicycle accident.  He was  widely recognized for research in pulmonary circulation and adaptation to high altitude. 



John T. (Jack) Willson, 80, died September 19, 2004 in Sheridan, Wyoming.  He was a well respected professor of Anatomy and served as Secretary of the Colorado State Anatomical Board for many for many years.  


Laurance M. Morse, Ph.D., Tenured Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, died on November 7, 2003.  Larry was a principal founder of the HSC Retired Faculy Association and contributed substantially to its growth.



Abraham J. Kauvar died August 26, 2003.  He was medical staff president at both the old Colorado General Hospital and General Rose Memorial Hospital (now Rose Medical Center). 



Mary Cane Robinson, widow of Arthur Robinson died July 9, 2003.   



Bill Hahn, Professor in the Department of Cellular and Structural Biology of the School of Medicine, died May 6, 2003. He is survived by his wife Melva.  



Eloise A. Garcia, age 87, wife of  Dr. F. A. "Gus" Garcia, died in May 2003.  



James McCool, 86 died at home in Como, CO on April 16, 2003. He was the Assistant to the Dean of the School of Medicine until his retirement in 1978.   



Emeritus Professor Seymour Katsh, Ph.D. passed away on September 25, 2002 in Seattle, Washington.  He was born in New York City, and graduated from NYU.  He was Acting Chair of Pharmacology from 1964-67. And served as Associate Dean for Graduate and Research Affairs (1969-1983).



Margaret Hitchman [Margolin], Associate Professor Emerita of Psychiatry, died on July 31, 2002.



Adolph Abrams, Professor Emeritus, Department of Biochemistry, died April 28, 2002 in Brush, Colorado. He was born in Springfield, Mass, April 30, 1919. He was Professor of Biochemistry until his retirement in 1986 and he served as Acting Chairman of Biochemistry from 1973 until 1977.  



Kajsa Philippine Dixon died January 7, 2002 in Denver.  She was born June 29, 1909 in Denver.  She was a senior instructor in Clinical Pathology and a member of the Medical Technology Society.



John Rusweiler Cann, Professor emeritus of Biophysics, died Saturday August 25, 2001. He was born December 11, 1920 in Bethlehem, PA.  and married Minerva Butz on September 7, 1946.  He joined the CU School of Medicine in 1951, and was a teacher and researcher there until his retirement in 1991. 



Greta Meiklejohn died July 18, 2001 in Denver.  She was born November 21, 1915 in Nova Scotia, Canada.  She married Gordon Meiklejohn in Paris, Maine on July 4, 1939.  She volunteered at University Thrift Shop and CU Medical School Gift Shop.  



John F. (Jack) Mueller died May 18, 2001.  Jack was born June 15, 1922 in Goshen, Indiana.  Jack was Chief of Medicine and later Director of Medical Affairs at Presbyterian-St. Luke's Hospital and Professor Medicine in the CU School of Medicine.  He served as a member of the Medical School Admissions Committee for many years.



John Stears, Professor Emeritus of radiology and neurology , died May 18, 2001.  He was born on January 3, 1928, in Lynn, Mass. John joined the CU SOM in 1966 and served as director of neuroradiology at CU Hospital from 1966-77.



Henry Mason Morfit, Professor Emeritus of Surgery, died April 19, 2001.  He was born on January 19, 1913 in Baltimore.  He founded the Bonfils Tumor Clinic at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in 1954, and served as its director until his retirement.  



Werner Hirs died on December 9, 2000 in Aurora, Colorado.  He was born in Bern, Switzerland on April 25, 1923.   Werner was a Professor of Biochemistry and Genetics at the CU School of Medicine and served as Chairmen of the Department.



​Arthur Robinson, Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics, and Biochemistry, Biophysics and Genetics, and former Vice President of National Jewish Medical and Research Center died February 16, 2000 in Denver.  He was 86.



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