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Tuition & Scholarships



A typical student budget includes both fixed and estimated variable expenses. Fixed expenses include tuition and fees. Estimated variable expenses include books and supplies, travel, personal needs, housing, and meals.

Tuition in Beijing is approximately USD $14,000 per year. It does not include book rental, housing, or food costs. Please consult with our partners at CAU-ICB for updated estimates of these expenses.

While on the downtown Denver campus, you'll pay the same tuition and fee rates as other international students. (See the tuition and fee rates for non-resident students.)



ICB students may earn a merit scholarship based on accumulated grade point average (GPA). Scholarships are awarded each fall semester to qualifying students. No application is necessary.

ICB students may also apply for the $5000 ICB Graduate Fellowship (visit the Scholarship Resource Office) awarded to a graduate from the ICB program who is pursuing a graduate degree at CU Denver. Applications open in spring for the following fall semester.