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If You Test Positive for COVID-19, Actions to Take

Mar 16, 2020, 10:18 AM
Question : If You Test Positive for COVID-19, Actions to Take

If you are informed by the Colorado Department of Health & Environment (CDPHE) or a medical provider that you have tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19), please take the following steps.

  • Let your supervisor know immediately (or your professor, if you’re a student).
  • Follow the recommendations of the public health agency.
  • Submit a case report.
  • Inform Steve Monaco, director of the Health Center at Auraria, at 303-884-3200 or All personal information will be kept private, but this information will allow the Health Center at Auraria to understand what buildings or spaces on campus, if any, have been affected and who you may have interacted with.

These last two steps are especially important as we monitor the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) within the campus community and beyond. Gathering pertinent health information is essential to the well-being of the campus community.

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