Rapidly Changing Status of COVID-19 Cases

Sept. 16, 2020 @ 6:17 p.m.

Dear CU Denver Community,

Given the rapidly changing status of COVID-19 cases on many college campuses in Colorado, it is important that our community understands what we know about COVID-19 at CU Denver at this moment.

COVID-19 Dashboard and Self-Reporting

As you will note on our COVID-19 dashboard, since August 10 we have identified a total of two confirmed COVID-19 cases with campus contact. These two students have recovered and there was no evidence of transmission of COVID-19 to their suitemates, classmates, or faculty. What we observed from these two cases was that the students followed our campus guidelines and did not acquire COVID-19 on campus or from other students, but most likely from home interactions. The lack of on-campus classroom transmission is consistent with observations at CU Anschutz, CU Boulder, and many institutions across the country. As is the case with the Denver Public Health’s caution metrics, these current numbers indicate no need to change CU Denver’s operating status. If and when any public health guidelines change, we will adjust accordingly.

There are a handful of other individuals in our community who are or have been sick with COVID-19, but they have not been on campus for weeks or months, if ever. If you are diagnosed with, exposed to, or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please complete this form so that we can follow up and provide support and resources.

Transmission and Outbreaks

The state public department defines an outbreak as a transmission occurring in a location (apartment building, school, business, residence hall) from one person to another within a 14-day period.

If there is an outbreak involving CU Denver students, staff, or faculty, their close contacts will be immediately called by contact tracers. In addition, any broader groups (like departments or classes) that need to self-quarantine (based on Denver Department of Public Health & Environment guidance) will be immediately notified. Any outbreaks among CU Denver students, staff, and faculty connected to campus will be noted on our COVID-19 Dashboard and the CU Denver community will be informed through their university email and the university website. If there is evidence that an outbreak occurring at another Auraria institution (CCD/MSU Denver/AHEC) is affecting CU Denver students, staff, and faculty, those involved will be notified.

We continue to conduct regular asymptomatic testing in our Lynx Crossing Residence Hall. This week and last there were 427 tests of residents, staff, and contractors; 426 tests returned as negative with one (1) test needing to be redone. The lack of confirmed positive cases reflects the commitment of our Lynx Crossing students to wearing masks and making good choices. We are planning a safe-distanced “thank you” for our residence hall students for their commitment to keeping our community safe and to encourage them to continue.

Gratitude for Our Community

Thank you to those coming to campus for using the health check-in stations. Our community has been respectful, understanding, and dedicated to completing the daily attestations and temperature taking. Our contact tracing team continues to address any failed daily attestation and responds when we have individuals who believe they may have been exposed. The Auraria Health Center provides symptomatic testing and now has the capability to offer 45-minute serologic tests.

We encourage all of you to keep doing what works: wear your mask, practice safe distancing, and stay home when you’re sick.

Chris Puckett
Special Assistant to the Chancellor for COVID-19
Managing Associate University Counsel

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