For Students: Course Formats for Fall 2020

June 9, 2020 @  9:34 a.m.

Dear Students,

I hope you are staying healthy and safe this summer. As we wrote to you last week, we’re busily preparing for your Safe Return to campus this fall. Our plan prioritizes your safety and success and was designed for flexibility.

We’ll be offering the same high-quality instruction you have come to expect from all your courses, but with a variety of delivery formats to meet your needs. The Fall 2020 course formats will be as follows:

  • On-Campus Courses are designed to be taught primarily on campus in pre-scheduled meeting patterns even if there are other online/digital components (these may include hands-on courses—studios, labs, etc.).
  • Remote Courses are designed using Zoom for pre-scheduled, live meeting patterns and may also include other online components. There is no on-campus component.  
  • Online Courses are designed primarily with a flexible-schedule learning in an online setting. There is no on-campus component. 
  • Hybrid Courses are designed with a mix of pre-scheduled, live meeting patterns on campus and flexible-schedule learning in an online setting.

Our faculty are working hard right now to determine which courses will be best taught in each format. Beginning this week and lasting through the end of June, you may see some changes occurring to the format of your currently scheduled courses and/or those for which you may still wish to register. Due to the dynamic nature of this process and the need to fit all the pieces together to limit the overall number of people on campus, there may be situations when a course format changes multiple times before the final schedule is completed.

You may notice your schedule changing throughout June in these ways:

  • If a change in format or location is made to a course for which you have already registered, you will receive a course-specific email communication informing you about the change. Note that you may receive notifications of multiple changes for the same course.
  • You can also note any changes by reviewing the location information on your currently scheduled course in UCDAccess. The Bldg/Room on your schedule will reflect either a physical location on campus, or it will indicate “Zoom,” “Remote,” or “Online.”
  • You may also notice these same changes in the course schedule when you are searching or registering for classes, by reviewing either the Mode of Instruction or the Location.

Once we are confident that most course formats have been adjusted in the ways they need to be for Fall 2020, we will send one more communication to all students to inform you and to encourage you to review your schedules. We anticipate this will happen by early July.

Should you have any questions or concerns about your courses or those for which you would like to register, please reach out to the Lynx Center at 303-315-LYNX (5969)​ or

Carrie John

Associate Vice Chancellor and University Registrar

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