Support for Teaching in New Ways

2020 has been unlike anything we have experienced as educators. We know that our faculty need support in their teaching as it is new and different from previous years. We know that not only do our faculty need support, but our students need support unlike any other year, and by supporting our faculty we know that we can best support our students too. We care about the success of our faculty and students which is why we have put together resources to support teaching in new ways this year. 

Review our resources below and review our upcoming teaching and learning programs on our calendar page.

​Three ways faculty help students succeed in any course

Flexibility is beneficial in that it allows educators to respond to different learner abilities, needs and interests.


​​Implement flexible deadlines and/or student choice around some assessments.

Be flexible about how students demonstrate their learning. Consider accepting audio voice recordings, photo documentation or other ways that students can show they have learned what you want them to learn.

Record your lectures or class presentations and allow student to engage either synchronously or asynchronously.  

Create predictability in your course
An organized and well-structured course not only improves learner success but also improves instructor efficiency through ease of navigation, course updates, and ongoing management. That means investing the time in good course design will pay off for you! 

Create modules that follow a clear pattern.​

Let students know how much time they should be spending on specific tasks.

Provide grading rubrics or criteria for all assignments in advance.

Focus on practical ways to infuse your course with exercises that involve interaction and connectedness. 

Send weekly emails to your class.

Be sure to communicate your confidence in students' ability to learn and your willingness to support them.

​Reach out directly to any student that hasn't been participating in your course without judgment and offer to connect them to resources. 

Professional Development Opportunities and Support