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CAP students design clutch of cabins for Outward Bound

CU Denver student Sidney Aulds stands inside one of the cabins designed for Colorado Outward Bound

DENVER—You know a project is special when students happily keep working when almost everyone else has cleared out for spring break.

Iron pour: creativity at 3,000 degrees

CU Denver artists, faculty and students pour molten iron over sand molds at iron pour event at CU Denver

DENVER—Before fields turn ablaze with poppies and daffodils, a somewhat different rite of spring fills the air outside the Arts Building. This one is all about heat: flying sparks, glowing embers and flowing iron.

Local Responder Attends Homeland Security Training


Emergency Responder Kinshasa Sayers from the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus Police Department recently completed training offered by the Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP), in Anniston, Ala.

Robben Island prison offers lesson in leadership

CU Denver Business Professor Wayne Cascio talks about leadership lessons that came out of Robben Island prison

DENVER—A Chinese proverb says the longest journey begins with the first step. It took countless steps, but Nelson Mandela forged ahead ever so slowly. He helped transform a place of brutality and oppression to one of tolerance, dignity and education.

University produces role model business leaders

CU Denver student Kynnie Martin receives a Forty Under 40 award

DENVER—The black-and-gold 10. A quarter of this year's "Forty Under 40" class represent the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus, making a statement about how our graduates go on to great careers while also giving back

Highly effective and affordable weight-loss program

Nia Mitchell, MD, MPH

AURORA, Colo. (Mar. 18, 2015) – A new study from the CU Anschutz Medical Campus shows that TOPS Club, Inc.® is highly effective when paired with researchers who can develop safe, effective weight loss protocols.

Bill Aragόn, MD, supports the Anschutz Medical Campus


Dr. Guillermo “Bill” Aragόn has served the university in many different ways over the years, starting with a medical residency in 1951, later teaching surgery to medical students while practicing as a surgeon at Denver General Hospital...

Thanks to the Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation

Dennis Roop, PhD

​The Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation’s support spans both the comprehensive teaching and learning pursuits of CU Denver and the health and clinical activities of CU Anschutz.

How we learn with purpose In our own words

How we learn with purpose

Students, faculty and staff at CU Denver talk about the many different ways they learn with purpose.

Donor contributions put in spotlight

Marcy and Bruce Benson with donor Daniel Ritchie at Donor Recognition Dinner 2015

DENVER—The Donor Recognition Dinner highlighted stories of risk-taking entrepreneurs, benefactors who've touched the learning pursuits of CU Denver and the clinical activities of CU Anschutz, and a physician who served the university for 50 years.

Renovations inspire creating

Tivoli CAM Renovation sketch

Where once were tired theatre seats, tattered film screens, and dusty projectors, now lives the vision of a fresh, bright learning space for CU Denver’s College of Arts and Media.

Learn with Purpose: In my own words, Jeremy Németh

Jeremy Németh

For students to learn with purpose, we must recognize that our job as professors is not necessarily to get them that first job. Instead, I believe our responsibility is to build the foundation for a student’s career.

Postdoctoral Research Day showcases student investigations

A CU Anschutz postdoc student explains his research project to a fellow participant at Postdoc Research Day

AURORA, Colo.—Postdoctoral fellows are investigators who perform basic science research that finds its way into applications that help humankind in myriad ways — from civil engineering to environmental science to disease therapies.

John Carroll: Presents in Washington, D.C. on biomedical innovation

Professor John Carroll, MD, Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, was an invited speaker at a briefing last month in Washington, D.C.

Advertainment on the rise

Run-D.M.C. - Adidas shoe

DENVER (March 10, 2015) – As branding and advertising creep into nearly every facet of life, a new study from the University of Colorado Denver shows it’s now making substantial inroads into popular music.

Dawn Comstock: Recognized for advocacy in youth sports safety

Dawn Comstock, PhD, associate professor of epidemiology at the Colorado School of Public Health, was honored last week as a Youth Sports Safety Ambassador during the sixth annual Youth Sports Safety Summit held in Dallas.

Geeta Verma: Presented on creatively engaging elementary students

Geeta Verma, associate professor in STEM education in the CU Denver School of Education & Human Development, presented a paper at the Korean Association of Science Education in Busan, South Korea, last month.

A Day in the Life of the Liniger Building at CU South Denver

A Day in the Life of the Liniger Building at CU South Denver

Join us for a day in the life of CU South Denver. You may be surprised to find out what’s going on every day!

Inworks unveils innovation hub at open house

CU Denver students check out a display at Inworks

DENVER—A quick glance around the new Inworks studio gives the impression this is a well-equipped fabrication facility where a menagerie of interesting things get made—from wood, metal, plastic, vinyl and fabric.

Danny Maurer wins inaugural Cinema Audio Society student award

Danny Maurer at Cinema Audio Society Awards

At the recent Cinema Audio Society Awards in downtown Los Angeles, “Birdman” and Disney’s “Big Hero 6” took top honors for sound mixing. “Boyhood” director, Richard Linklater, received the organization’s Filmmaker Award.

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