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University Web Services (UWS)



Module 1: An Introduction to SharePoint web forms at CU Denver

Understand SharePoint web forms


The function of web forms

Form​s are used to easily collect data from users on your websites. Users fill out and submit an online form, and the data is collected, stored, and sent to the website owners/editors who requested the information.

Forms can include various types of questions, including multiple choice, checkboxes, radio buttons, and text fields.

The functionality of a web form at CU Denver is straight forward, and works in the way you would expect a web form to function. A user locates a form on a website, completes the form by answering a specific set of questions, and submits the form. After the form is submitted, the user is taken to a confirmation page, which confirms the form has been received, and provides any follow-up information necessary.

After forms are submitted, authenticated users can access all the data collected through form submissions via a SharePoint list.

CU Denver web forms – a customized solution

Forms at CU Denver are a customized solution created by the University Web Services team in ATEL. SharePoint does have a form solution out of box, but it did not fit the needs of our university users and websites.

Creating a traditional web form typically requires deeper technical knowledge and coding tasks. The CU Denver customized solution does not require users to be technically savvy to create a web form. The form solution provides an easy way for users of all knowledge levels to create web forms, customize information collected in the form, and access/export the data submitted. ​​​


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