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SharePoint 2010 Sign in and Permission

To sign in to SharePoint, you need to use an internet browser. SharePoint will work in most browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, etc), but because it is a Microsoft product, SharePoint works the best in Internet Explorer (the Microsoft browser). If you use a different browser, although you will be able to update your web sites, you will run into functionality issues.

Tip: For the best editing experience in SharePoint, use Internet Explorer as your browser

You must be granted permission to edit a SharePoint site. If you have not already been granted permission to the website you need to edit, contact the site owner for your site or and request permissions.

See the Permission job aid for more information about permissions.

To sign in to SharePoint

  1. Open an internet browser and navigate to the university site you will edit. Always navigate to your site before attempting to sign in
    TIP: If you do not know the web address for the site you will be editing, you can search for it on the university's home page at

  2. Click Sign In at the bottom, right of the page.Sign_In.png

  3. A SharePoint sign in window will appear.

  4. Use your university user name and password to sign in
         a. Type the word university, and then a back slash before your user name:
             e.g. university\username
         b. Type your password
         c. Click OK


    NOTE: You need to precede your username with university\ so the system recognizes you are on the university domain. Although there are some cases in which you can simply type your username (for example, if you are on the network and have Windows 7, or if you are using Firefox or Chrome), a majority of SharePoint users must type university\ every tune they log into SharePoint.

  5. Sign_In_Win.png 

    Once logged in, you will see the Site Actions menu in the upper left corner, and your name in the upper right.


    NOTE: If you do not have permissions, you will receive an error message. Please contact your site owner or

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