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SharePoint Training Sessions

SharePoint classes and open labs

We continue to work to develop new SharePoint courses to help you build your websites. We currently offer the following courses:


 SharePoint Course Descriptions


 SharePoint 101: The Basics

Prerequisite: None

Who should attend: New SharePoint users

Description: This class will teach you the most commonly performed tasks associated with updating/editing your public-facing website in the domain.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand SharePoint
  • Sign in/out
  • Identify basic tools in the Ribbon
  • Initiate edit mode
  • Add, format text
  • Check in
  • Insert link
  • Insert image
  • Change page layout
  • Publish
  • Create page
  • Create site
  • View manage content and structure



 SharePoint 401: Forms

Prerequisite: SharePoint 101: the Basics

Who should attend: SharePoint users who want to use an online form to collect data, registrations or comments.

Description: This class will teach you how to use the CU Denver customized form solution to build and publish a web form on your website in the domain. It will also teach you how to access and manage the data from the responses you receive from your web form.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the function and customization of web forms at CU Denver
  • Describe appropriate and inappropriate use of web forms
  • Recite elements of a web form
  • Define a SharePoint list
  • Develop web form content
  • Create web form site
  • Develop web form page
  • Develop Responses list
  • Edit web form confirmation page
  • Set an alert
  • View list data
  • Edit/add list item
  • Sort/filter list
  • Export data to Excel



 SharePoint Foundation Widget

​Prerequisite: SharePoint 101: the Basics

Who should attend: SharePoint users who want to use tabs and/or accordions to display content on their websites.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the purpose of the Foundation Widget
  • Define an accordion
  • Define tabs
  • Add accordion web part to a page
  • Develop accordion content
  • Add tabs web part to a page
  • Develop tabs content



 SharePoint Open Lab

Prerequisite: None

Who should attend: SharePoint users who need individual help with tasks specific to his/her website

Learning Objectives: Whatever you bring! These labs are UWS "office hours," so bring your own learning objectives and we'll help you reach them :)

Availability: Classroom session, see Training Schedule for availability


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