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University Web Services (UWS)


University Intranet Project Timeline

SharePoint Intranet Team

Preliminary University Intranet Team

A proper team structure is key to a successful Intranet project. The chart below identifies the key roles and governance structure created for the initial planning of the University’s Intranet Project.


Sample Intranet Team

The following table identifies the typical roles and responsibilities of a large-scale intranet project team. The university’s intranet project team will be formed during the discovery phase scheduled for early Summer 2013.

Role Responsibilities
Executive Sponsor
  • Acts as the project champion and communicates project mandate to the organization
  • Authorizes resources for the project
  • Ultimate decision-maker for the project
  • Measures and evaluates success of the project; accountable for the project benefits
Steering Committee
  • Provides oversight for the project
  • Monitors progress and results
  • Resolves conflicts and removes barriers for project progress
  • Authorizes changes to scope, schedule, budget
Project Manager
  • Accountable for the completion of the project deliverables
  • Manages the project budget and team resources
  • Manages issues and risks
  • Manages changes through CAB process
  • Escalates issues to the Steering Committee when required
SharePoint Architects/Technical Leads
  • Designs the foundational architecture
  • Designs the SharePoint h/w, s/w architecture for IT site
  • Determines how best to integrate with infrastructure
  • Planning for site features, customizations, site and list relationships
  • Liaises with infrastructure group during initial software installation, troubleshooting
  • Details disaster recovery specs
  • Details capacity plans
  • Details network security
  • Defines and configures search
  • Implements branding strategy
Technical Lead
SP Developer
  • Manages the technical components of the project plan
  • Builds out the site according to wireframes and specifications
  • Develops necessary templates, web parts
  • Skins new site with graphic design by applying CSS files
  • Delivers a fully functional, tested and de-bugged SharePoint 2010 as per specs and wireframes
Business Analyst
  • Build-out the lower level wireframes
  • Assists with any content migration prior to launch
  • Acts as information architect
Communications & Change Management Lead
  • Prepares and manages communications and change management plan
  • Acts as lead on communication framework
Content Lead
  • Supports the content category owners and ensures content ready for launch
Content Category Owners
  • Participates in content planning meetings
  • Contributes to content migration plan by identifying content critical for launch and/or later migration
  • Develops/assigns content to be developed for launch
Content owners
  • May need to develop some content for launch.
Interim Governance Committee
  • Develops governance policies and plan by participating in facilitated workshops
Governance Committee
  • As part of the final plan, communicates ownership to respective team members.
  • Enforces policy
SharePoint administrator
  • Assists in build as part of knowledge transfer
  • Takes appropriate training to be able to support the site after launch

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