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University Web Services (UWS)



Risk Assessment Matrix

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This Risk Assessment Matrix is used to identify the level of testing required for each change made to the SharePoint environment. This tool identifies which test scripts are required, in which browser, and under which permission levels, based on severity level. 

Terms and Definitions


Simple or relatively simple process. Relatively small likelihood that there will be problems.

  • Purely text-based modifications
  • Local CSS modifications
  • Changing copyright in footer
  • Uploading new university logo


Somewhat complex process. Quite possible that there will be problems.

  • Theme CSS updates
  • A change in any global CSS file
  • Low-level modifications to single page layout templates
  • Service packs and cumulative updates


Extremely complex process. Significant possibility that there will be problems.

  • Modifications to branding controls
  • Modifications to page layouts and master pages
  • Reusable content modifications
  • Most backend coding/programming updates as these are often global in scope
  • Upgrade to new version of SharePoint

QA Test Scripts Select severity Browsers tested Permissions tested Hours to complete

  • Select severity
  • N/A
Standard Features

  • Select severity
  • Select severity

  • Select severity
  • Select severity

Total hours:

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