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SPDAT Agenda and Bytes

December 17, 2012

December 2012 SPDAT Meeting Discussion

During December’s SPDAT meeting, we’ll discuss the evolving communication channels for UWS and SharePoint topics, including impacts to the SPDAT group. We’ll also demo a cool widget we’ve been working on that will replace the existing tabs and accordion webparts in SharePoint.

Evolving UWS Communications

UWS has developed a plan to more strategically communicate with its users. Up until this point, the SPDAT has been the only vehicle used to communicate with people interested in UWS projects/deliverables. Moving forward, UWS will generate and send communications specific to the following topics:
  • Design Themes/SLA – UWS will communicate directly to Web Theme Owners – synonymous with webmasters – who manage a specific design theme in the domain.
  • SharePoint Training – UWS will send training and open lab opportunities, as well as SharePoint hints and tips to a listserv set up specifically for SharePoint training. Web resources throughout the university who take advantage of UWS-sponsored SharePoint training and/or open lab sessions will be added to the list automatically, and all other users can request to be added to the list at any time.
  • General UWS Communications – UWS will send all general updates, including release information, new development projects in SharePoint, and other university-wide web topics, to a listserv set up for general UWS communications. All members currently on the SPDAT listserv will be added to the UWS-Communications listserv, and all other users can request to be added to the list at any time.
  • UWS-Owned Design Themes – UWS will generate a list of site owners within the design themes in which they own (i.e., black theme, CU Online, etc.), and will communicate directly to that group as web theme owner for those themes.
  • Web strategy and governance – An IT Governance group is currently being established at the executive level. We’re advocating that the web be part of the scope for that group. Once the details of the IT Governance group become available, we will reevaluate the purpose of the SPDAT group. Ideally, the web will be part of the Governance group, and the SPDAT will be reestablished as an expert web group to help implement the web strategy the IT Governance group establishes at the higher level. 

Impact to SPDAT

The SPDAT Team will be put on hold until the details of the IT Governance group emerge.  At that time, we will determine how the SPDAT can most effectively improve the web at the university, and will make appropriate adjustments to the current member list and meeting schedule.
The December 2012 SPDAT meeting is the last planned meeting for the current SPDAT group. All communications sent to the SPDAT listserv in the past will be sent to the new UWS-Communications listserv. All current members on the SPDAT list will be added to the UWS-Communications list to ensure uninterrupted communications from UWS.​

Foundation Widget

UWS is developing a new Foundation Widget to replace the existing tabs and accordions webparts in SharePoint.  The widget is being developed to resolve the technical issues that exist with the current tabs/accordion webparts. The new solution should be considerably easier for users, and should also reduce the number of support tickets our helpdesk resolves specific to tabs/accordion issues.
UWS will demo the widget at the SPDAT meeting on Monday. A few notes about the Foundation Widget:
  • The widget is SharePoint List-based. Content for each segment of a tab or accordion will correspond to an individual row in a specially created list.
  • The widget will not interrupt any existing styles; we are only adding new styles for the new webparts
  • The finished product will look very similar to the current accordions or tabs
  • For those websites that have been stabilized (CLAS, CAP, Nursing, business, and Medicine), we will be re-pushing the supportedtheme.css files only, the webmaster controlled theme files will remain untouched.
  • Existing tabs or accordion webparts currently used on web pages will not be altered
  • The widget does not impact the tabs layout, which will be unchanged, and still available for use

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