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University of Colorado Denver

Integrated Email Security

Integrated Security:

Our security technologies provide the latest in active messaging protection to stop unwanted spam and viruses from entering our system. Our security technologies provide end-user configurable white and block listing.

Virus Protection

University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus’s primary email system utilized two forms of Antivirus protection. On our Microsoft Exchange servers, we utilize MacAfee GroupSheild Antivirus and on our IronPort gateway servers, we utilize IronPort’s Sophos Antivirus.

McAfee GroupSheild

GroupShield for Exchange includes the McAfee Active Virus Defense scanning engine, regarded as the world’s leading virus detection and cleaning technology. With superiority on every front, the engine stops every type of virus and malicious code threat, including macro viruses, Internet email, Trojan horses, worms and even hostile ActiveX and Java. The McAfee scanning engine is certified by more 3rd party tests than anything else in the industry to deliver comprehensive detection and cleaning. Sporting the McAfee engine, GroupShield for Exchange also enjoys the benefits of ViruLogic. As an advanced heuristic scanning technology, ViruLogic employs both positive and negative heuristics to detect previously undiscovered viruses, with the fewest false alarms, and clean them before they can incur damage. Variant detection capabilities find new mutations of existing dangerous viruses. McAfee provides the technology to deal with the speed of today’s virus attacks.

IronPort Sophos Antivirus

IronPort® offers integrated virus filtering at the gateway through Sophos. The Sophos engine scans messages for viruses based on a variety of characteristics, performing scan­ning operations on generic data sources, ir­respective of type. The engine has specialized technology for loading and searching data which enables it to achieve the highest scan­ning speeds in the industry.

IronPort combines Sophos’ anti-virus technology with IronPort Virus Outbreak Filters – resulting in even better virus prevention and protection, while maintaining the extremely low false-positive rate.

Sophos is widely regarded within the industry as having the fastest performing and most accurate virus scanner available. Recently Sophos was awarded the VB 100% award in the June 2005 edition of Virus Bulletin. This is the 28th time Sophos Anti-Virus has won a VB 100% award, confirming its position as one of the most powerful and accurate virus protection products available. Virus Bulletin tested 28 different anti-virus products for their detection rates, lack of false alarms, and speed of scanning. Sophos successfully detected all of the in the wild, macro and polymorphic viruses (100 percent detection rate) with no false alarms.

SPAM Detection

Our SPAM detection services are provided by IronPort® technology. We do not drop any SPAM. If SPAM is detected, the suspected SPAM emails are quarantined and your digest is sent to your mailbox at the end of each day, around 3:00pm. End-users’ can directly access their IronPort Spam Quarantine messages by reviewing their daily digests.  If you feel the email is not SPAM, you can release the email and it will be delivered to your Inbox. In addition, you can also White List the sender so it will no longer be quarantined. If you are receiving unwanted emails that you no longer want to receive, you can Block List the sender and all further emails will be quarantined. BlockList\WhiteList instructions

IronPort‘s SPAM Reputation filtering provides a powerful outer layer of spam defense. IronPort Reputation Fil­ters™ deliver unmatched efficacy, accurately stopping up to 80% of incoming spam at the connection level. Our IronPort® appliances also support a unique rate limiting capability, which intelligently slows down suspicious senders—greatly reducing the spam, without the risk of false positives.

IronPort’s Anti-Spam utilizes the industry’s most innovative approach to threat detection. In addition to reviewing sender reputation, IronPort’s unique Context Adaptive Scanning Engine™ (CASE) examines the complete context of a message, including:

  • Content
  • Methods of message construction
  • Reputation of the sender

When the CASE score is combined with sender reputation, the end result is more accurate than traditional spam filtering tech­niques.

IronPort Web Reputation technology mea­sures the behavior and traffic patterns of a website to assess its trustworthiness. Iron­Port CASE technology determines the repu­tation of any URL within a message body, so that a more accurate analysis of the messages can be performed. This enables IronPort to immediately protect IronPort Anti-Spam users from spam, phishing, and spyware threats distributed over email.

IronPort Anti-Spam addresses a full range of known threats including spam, phishing, and zombie attacks, as well as hard-to-detect low volume, short-lived email threats such as “419” scams. In addi­tion, IronPort Anti-Spam identifies new and evolving blended threats such as spam at­tacks distributing malicious content through a download URL or an executable.

IronPort’s SenderBase® is the world’s first, largest and most accurate traffic monitoring network. In addition to the best technology, IronPort Anti-Spam is backed by an interdisciplin­ary team of experts with backgrounds in email security, machine learning, and human genomics. As a leader in preventive threat detection techniques, IronPort’s security experts constantly innovate to stay ahead of emerging threats. IronPort Anti-Spam is integrated with IronPort’s Threat Opera­tions Center, which ensures the highest level of accuracy and responsiveness.

In addition to locale-specific, content-aware threat detection techniques, IronPort Anti-Spam leverages globally representative SMTP and HTTP content-agnostic data – contributed by over 100,000 ISPs, universities and corporations throughout the Americas, Eu­rope, and Asia.

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