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Panopto Classroom Recording

Technology Support Services

Panopto Classroom recording
Screen capture image of a Panopto recording

Technology Support Services works in conjunction with the Academic Technologies team to support the classroom recording system, Panopto. The recorder was installed in 38 classrooms/lecture halls on the campus in the Spring of 2009.  The Academic Technologies team works closely with each school to help implement the best possible use of the system based on specific needs.

The OIT Academic Technologies team and TSS provide support for the overall recording system (audio, video, software and management of the Panopto server streaming server). Training of faculty and students technology assistants to use the recording system is also provided.  We also assist with access to recordings, duplication to physical media (CD, DVD), and communication of server and recorder upgrades.

The Panopto recording system allows the instructor/speaker to independently initiate a recording of their presentation which is archived.  Students  view the recordings via a link posted within the Canvas page of the specific course.

The feedback of the Panopto recording system has been reported as a positive, additional learning tool for the students. They are able to review material for further understanding.  Some faculty have used the recordings to assist with modifying content and technique to ensure that best possible teaching experience.


For Panopto assistance,
contact David Paul:
Ed II North building, 5th Floor


Panopto Recording Fees


Panopto Recording Fees


New folder creation (non Blackboard courses)

 $        25.00

Additional recordings in the same folder 

 No setup charge 

Modifying user access list after initial folder setup

 $        15.00

Recording storage (per month for each hour recorded), if prepaid

 $        15.00

Recording storage (per month for each hour recorded), if after-the-fact*

 $        30.00

Archiving Panopto recordings to CD or DVD

(per recording)

$    16.00

Restoring archived recordings from CD or DVD to Panopto

(per recording)

$      90.00

Moving or copying recordings from one course to another

(per recording)

$      10.00

Extend deletion date on a folder

(in addition to additional storage charges)

$      50.00



 * If the Academic Technologies team is not notified within 10 days that a new recording has been added to a chargeable folder, then double storage charges apply.  Folder contents will be verified on the deletion date.

For numbered courses, there is no charge for Panopto recordings if the Canvas interface is used.  For manually created folders, creation fees apply, but there is no charge for storage.  For manually created courses, there is a charge for changes in the user access list as shown above.  Updates for Canvas accessed recordings should be done via the Canvas building block.

Folders for numbered courses are deleted automatically after one year.  Fee applicable folders will be deleted after the paid storage period has expired.
If you want to re-use an existing recording, you need to submit a copy request before the scheduled deletion date.

There is no charge for Panopto training.




To request Panopto Classroom Recording Services, contact:

David Paul, 303-724-7716


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