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Boots to Suits

Boots to Suits, University of Colorado Denver

10 Reasons You Want a Veteran on Your Staff

Hire a vet to help your company (and your bottom line)

  1. You want leaders.
    Veterans have been trained to lead by example. They understand how to instruct, delegate, motivate and inspire, even in the most difficult circumstances.
  2. You like to work with team players.
    Veterans understand that individual efforts support the group in reaching a larger objective. They know that a mission can only succeed if everyone on the team is on board.
  3. You need employees who can perform under pressure.
    Veterans know how to accomplish their work in the face of limited resources, changing priorities and, often, high levels of stress. They are familiar with high stakes and recognize the importance of staying on task until the work is done right.
  4. You want a well-trained, educated workforce.
    Veterans have been very well trained to do specific jobs within the military and their training is complemented by the quality of their education at CU Denver. Hiring a vet will save you training costs.
  5. You appreciate employees who understand diversity.
    Veterans have worked side-by-side with individuals of diverse race, gender, geographic origin, ethnic background, religion and economic status.
  6. You understand the advantages of seeing the big picture.
    Even if they haven’t served overseas, veterans are trained to think globally. They are aware of international trends in business and industry.
  7. You know that work ethic matters.
    Veterans are accustomed to working long hours in non-traditional environments. They know how to work hard, pay attention to detail and be resourceful to get results.
  8. You value procedure and policy in the workplace.
    Veterans understand their place within an organizational framework. They respect policies and procedures and have learned to be responsible for subordinates and accountable to their managers.
  9. You will save money on background checks.
    Obtaining a security clearance for an employee can be costly and time-consuming. The majority of military service members already have certain clearances, and they come with first-hand knowledge of various government entities.
  10. You will develop a veteran network.
    Veterans are connected to other veterans. Hire a vet and you will meet more high-quality job candidates to consider for your company or organization.
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