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​SharePoint Feature & Bug Releases

For communications specific to each release, see Release Communications.

Brief Description
collapse Release Version : 13.7 (2)
JavaScript searchscope.js is 404ing in prod(4) Completed
Perunko, Jennifer
Change footer text to year 2014 in all masterpages(4) Completed
Perunko, Jennifer
collapse Release Version : 13.6 (1)
12/10/2013Foundation widget bug fix(3) In Progress

The foundation widget accordion was intermittently failing to operate correctly. It would stay open on page load and would not collapse.​

Demers, Scott
collapse Release Version : 13.5 (1)
10/2/2013Update KWizCom web parts (4) Completed

Users are unable to edit the list aggregator web part. The web part properties do not load.

Demers, Scott
collapse Release Version : 13.2 (1)
6/12/2013Add Research link to global navigation in black theme(4) Completed

A link to the new Research website will be added to the global navigation in the black theme.

The link will appear on the home page, and all sub-sites/pages that display the global navigation (About Us, Admissions, Academics, etc.)
Demers, Scott
collapse Release Version : 12.2 (3)
5/22/2013RSS feeds on Forms Responses lists (8) fixed with SP1

RSS feeds for lists in SharePoint are anonymously accessible. A configuration change was made to the site template for Public Web Forms that turned off RSS feeds for all Responses lists, ensuring submitted form data is not anonymously accessible.

Demers, Scott
5/22/2013Redesigned audience bar(4) Completed

In the black theme, the audience bar (the bar with links at the top of web pages) has been redesigned.

NOTE: This change was made to the master page.
The audience bar is on the master page, which all themes use. The black theme displays the audience bar; all other themes hide the audience bar through CSS.
Demers, Scott
5/22/2013Foundation Widget Bug Fixes(4) Completed

If the accordion header is more than one line, the text wraps under the expand/collapse icon.

When the body text of tabs is brief, white space exists under the text.

When webpages using the nursing theme were displayed in IE 7 or 8, some tabs are too wide for the page design.

Demers, Scott
collapse Release Version : 12.1 (2)
4/24/2013CU Denver homepage Quick Links update - Canvas(4) Completed

A link to Canvas, the new Learning Management System (LMS), will be added to the Quick Links drop-down in the global navigation of the home page.

Perunko, Jennifer
4/24/2013Update copyright from 2012 to 2013(4) Completed

Update copyright from 2012 to 2013 on master page, which impacts all pages in the website.

Demers, Scott
collapse Release Version : 12.0 (1)
3/27/2013Foundation Widget(4) Completed

​The Foundation Widget is a customized web part that enables users to display content on their web pages using a variety of visual features. The first version of the Foundation Widget provides users with the ability to easily create and manage accordions and tabs on web pages.

The web part also provides a foundation in which other visual features can be built (a slideshow, for example); hence the name, Foundation Widget. University Web Services hopes to build additional display options for the Foundation Widget in the future. 

Demers, Scott
collapse Release Version : 11.0 (1)
3/20/2013Public Web Forms Revisions(4) Completed

The Public Web Forms Site Template is being updated to allow both anonymous and authenticated users to submit a form.


This new feature alleviates the issue that authenticated users cannot submit forms; it also enables users to create forms for authenticated submission.​


Demers, Scott
collapse Release Version : 10.0 (1)
12/1/2012Service Pack 1(4) Completed

SP1 provides the latest updates including general product fixes, and improvements in stability, performance and security. Examples of key areas of improvement are better support for Internet Explorer 9 and the ability for users to restore sites and subsites using the recycle bin.  You can download the complete list of issues fixed by this service pack on the Microsoft site.  

Demers, Scott
collapse Release Version : 09.0 (1)
11/21/2012Asset Picker Custom Field Update(4) Completed

Originally designed under Visual Studio (VS) 2008, the asset picker must be updated to allow for development work in VS 2010; a new PublicKeyToken is required.

Demers, Scott
collapse Release Version : 08.6.5 (1)
10/10/2012Custom search text update(4) Completed

The text All UC Denver Sites in the drop-down box above the search will be changed to All Sites to conform to branding standards.

Demers, Scott
collapse Release Version : 08.6 (2)
9/26/2012Enable successful opening of .xls documents in SharePoint(4) Completed

AIS&D is making a configuration change on the back-end of the system that enables the successful opening of Excel documents in SharePoint.

Demers, Scott
9/26/2012Tabs and accordions moving from content editor web part to form web part(4) Completed

Accordion and tab web parts are being changed from content editor web parts (users can edit the content directly in the GUI on the page), to form web parts (a source only web part; must be edited in HTML source only).

Tabs and accordion form web parts are in the Code Library in the Web Part Gallery.

Perunko, Jennifer
collapse Release Version : 08.5 (1)
8/29/2012New E-Directory(4) Completed

IT Services has developed an E-Directory to replace the current People and People (Beta) search functionality accessible from the home page.

Demers, Scott
collapse Release Version : 08.3 (3)
5/2/2012Span Tags Dynamically Added and/or Removed Around the Cursor(4) Completed

​Span tags are added and removed around the cursor in rich HTML fields dynamically every time a user clicks in a content field. These spans are inheriting our styles while in edit mode, causing editing problems.

Perunko, Jennifer
5/2/2012Branding Settings application error(4) Completed

A SharePoint application error is thrown when members of the Site Owner permissions group attempt to save branding settings, even if no change is made.

Demers, Scott
5/2/2012Breadcrumbs do not automatically update(4) Completed

Breadcrumbs have specific paths that correspond to their place in a sub-site tree. When a sub-site is moved, the breadcrumbs continue to reflect the original site structure.

Demers, Scott
collapse Release Version : 08.2 (1)
4/10/2012new logos for university site(4) Completed

Logos are being updated for compliance with brand standards.

Buzinov, Kirill
collapse Release Version : 07.5 (3)
3/1/2012Update website copyright date(4) Completed

The copyright date, displayed in the footer of every web page, is updated on the master page.

Demers, Scott
3/1/2012Disappearing bylines (headlines) in forms(4) Completed

Bylines (headlines) disappeared on all forms in both edit and published views.

Demers, Scott
3/1/2012Favicon upgrade(4) Completed

The CU Denver favicon, the small icon displayed in CU Denver web address bars, tabbed pages, and bookmarks (to name a few), is updated to comply with university branding.

Demers, Scott
collapse Release Version : 07.0 (5)
2/1/2012Repeating JavaScript error in FireFox(4) Completed

A JavaScript error was continually firing while in edit mode using Firefox. The browser was looking for a CSS file that it couldn’t find, causing it to repeatedly check for the file in a continuous loop, which resulted in multiple errors.

New, Graham
2/1/2012Images and captions inaccurately aligned in Content 1 and Content 2 layouts (4) Completed

In Content 1 and Content 2 layouts, image captions with character space wider than the image were not breaking, which resulted in inaccurate image and caption alignment.

Demers, Scott
2/1/2012Branding setting error message(4) Completed

In branding settings, when the Keyword Description Override checkbox was selected, and non-alphanumeric characters were entered as keywords (e.g. commas, dashes, etc.), an unexpected error occurred.

Demers, Scott
2/1/2012Mobile-friendly home page(4) Completed, the mobile-friendly home page for, is active. All mobile devices smaller than an iPad (excluding the iPad), will be redirected to the mobile version of the home page.

Demers, Scott
2/1/2012Non-editable reusable content appears editable(4) Completed

In MOSS 2007, non-editable reusable content was grayed out, notifying users content could not be changed. In SharePoint 2010, there is no visual indicator that some reusable content elements cannot be edited.


New, Graham
collapse Release Version : 06.95 (2)
12/16/2011Tabs floating over content(4) Completed
In the tabs layout, if there was an image above the tabs but no text between the image and the tabs, the image floated right over the tabs in FireFox, Chrome, and IE8.
Demers, Scott
12/16/2011Editing mode display issue(4) Completed
In edit mode in IE 7 and 8 on Content Pages 1 and 2, text columns were expanded out to the edge of the browser window.
Demers, Scott
collapse Release Version : 06.9 (3)
11/30/2011Sites with approval, part 2(4) Completed

New sites built using the with approval template create a number of maintenance issues and constraints for users in SharePoint 2010.

Demers, Scott
11/30/2011Web part permissions(4) Completed

Editor and contributor groups are unable to add or edit web parts due to a permissions issue.​

Perunko, Jennifer
11/30/ a permanent 301 redirect(4) Completed
Google views the current 302 redirect as a separate site, thus counting the web site as two sites. A 301 redirect is the google-friendly, permanent redirect for sites, enabling accurate hit counts on google analytics.
Demers, Scott
collapse Release Version : 06.8 (4)
11/10/2011Duplicate breadcrumbs(4) Completed

­Breadcrumbs in the tabs layout, news layout, and form submission layout are showing up twice.

Demers, Scott
11/10/2011Sites with approval(4) Completed

Sites built using the with approval template create a number of maintenance issues and constraints for users in SharePoint 2010.

Perunko, Jennifer
11/10/2011Skip navigation(4) Completed

This feature gives visitors using a screen reader the option to skip global and local navigation when visiting a UC Denver web page.

New, Graham
11/10/2011White space(4) Completed

Unintended white space in layouts has been causing several display issues, particularly when page fields such as the header and page image are not filled out.

Demers, Scott
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