Ricky Lippincott

“When you first move out on your own, it’s great to have someone say, ‘I believe in you.”

Ricky Lippincott has always wanted to help people. Growing up in a rough California neighborhood amid gangs, sirens, and pollution left an impression, one that stayed with him after he moved with his family as a teenager to a very different landscape in Falcon, Colorado. Ricky instantly fell in love with the state. “I love the mountains and being able to see the sky,” he says. In high school, he followed a health academy track and graduated as an EMT.  

Although Ricky was a bright and hardworking student, the prospect of college seemed out of reach financially, particularly after his father, a former police officer, was diagnosed with melanoma and his grandfather, a Vietnam veteran, developed Parkinson’s and dementia. “If I weren’t in college, I would be working as an EMT to help pay for my family’s health care.”

Instead, he applied to CU Denver, citing the many programs and services the university offers students to help them succeed. Recognizing Ricky’s academic strengths and commitment to serving others, the university awarded him scholarship support that fully funds his education. 

This support provides Ricky with the resources to attend CU Denver and the encouragement to succeed as he pursues a pre-med degree with the ultimate goal of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon practicing here in Denver. “Having the scholarship is an amazing opportunity. Not only does it let me stay focused on school work and motivate me to keep my grades up, but when you first move out on your own, it’s great to have someone say, ‘I believe in you.’”