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As a CU Denver Lynx, you are part of a community united by determination and drive. This is your chance to help a new generation of students succeed. The city of Denver is experiencing historic growth, and every great city needs a great university. Your support of scholarships at CU Denver means our students and our university can play leading roles in elevating the city’s future. There has never been a better time to act.

If you believe that those who work hard should have the opportunity to succeed, then join us. LYNX UP.



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Thank you for your generosity

Every gift for CU Denver scholarships has an impact on CU Denver students. Thank you for being the link that connects today’s students with a promising future.

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Nearly 70% of undergraduate students at CU Denver received scholarships or financial aid this year.


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Since 2017, faculty and staff have contributed more than $1.5 million to scholarships at CU Denver.


Since the start of LYNX UP, generous donors have contributed more than $18 million for scholarships at CU Denver. Your support will change the lives of CU Denver students, their families, and our communities — forever.