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  • Policy Number:4032


    The purpose of this policy is to set forth guidelines for supervisors who wish to implement alternative work arrangements for employees in their unit.

    Keywords: alternative schedule Compressed Schedule COVID-19 Flex Pandemic Remote Working

  • Policy Number:4005


    This policy is not intended to regulate the content of an individual’s speech but is instead meant to address the manner in which individuals behave.

    4005 - Workplace Violence Incident Report Form

    Keywords: abuse attacks intimidation physical harm threats

  • Policy Number:4014


    In compliance with federal guidelines and state laws concerning employment processes, this applicant guideline is established to ensure fair and equitable treatment of applicants at CU Denver Campus or CU Anschutz Medical Campus.

    Keywords: affiliate applicants application classified positions internal applicant

  • Policy Number:4033A


    The purpose of this policy is to outline the responsibilities and obligations of a University employee who participates in the BYOD program. This policy defines the acceptable use and procedures for using personally owned Mobile Devices, the storage and transmission of sensitive data, confidential and highly confidential data, and an employee’s obligation to maintain University related communications on a secure, University owned system. 

    Keywords: cell phone mobile device personal device sensitive information texting

  • Policy Number:4020


    This policy provides guidance to establish and maintain a position classification system and to establish ranges of pay that are comparable to similar types of work found to prevail in the competitive labor market for classified employees of the CU Denver Campus and the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. 

    Keywords: additional pay counteroffer equity FLSA salary ranges

  • Policy Number:4017


    This policy sets forth the institution’s compensation review and approval processes that must take place prior to the chancellor’s final approval. This policy applies to officer and exempt professional positions.

    Keywords: incentive pay merit pay promotions recognition awards salary setting signing bonus

  • Policy Number:4028


    In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), this policy provides that individuals who are otherwise qualified for jobs or educational programs will not be denied access simply because they have a disability.

    Keywords: accommodation ADA disability discrimination

  • Policy Number:4007


    The purpose of this policy is to set forth the guidelines used by the Finance Office in developing and charging fringe benefit rates for Worker's Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, Retiree Health and Life, and Termination Pay.

    4007 - Exhibit A

    4007 - Exhibit B

    Keywords: retiree health insurance separation pay sick leave payout termination pay unemployment workers' compensation

  • Policy Number:4008


    The policy creates a common set of policies and practices regarding tuition waivers for permanent employees at the University of Colorado Denver, and reconciles the fiscal rules to the University of Colorado Denver’s practice of employee tuition waiver.

    Keywords: benefits credits tuition allowance Tuition Assistance Benefit

  • Policy Number:4012


    This policy is to establish process for employment background checks for all employees, volunteers, trainees, and contractors at the university.

    Keywords: check criminal record driving homeland security

  • Policy Number:4006


    The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines and procedures for CU Denver Campus and CU Anschutz Medical Campus to administer the Expanded FHAP.

    Keywords: financial assistance home loans home purchase purchase of home

  • Policy Number:4031


    This policy establishes a Faculty and Staff Threat Assessment and Response Team to coordinate and formalize the work of departments responsible for such safety and support functions for the campuses, specifically concerning observed workplace behaviors indicating a faculty or staff member poses a danger to themselves or others.

    Keywords: danger environment safe Security

  • Policy Number:4016


    This policy provides guidance for the hiring process of classified staff and applies to all positions within the state personnel system.

    Keywords: job description recruitment process search committee selection process

  • Policy Number:4013


    This policy establishes the hiring process for all officer and exempt professional job titles in the 2100 job code series.

    Keywords: recruitment process search waiver selection process

  • Policy Number:4018A


    The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus policy on Holidays establishes the parameters for all common and alternate holidays across the different employee locations and units.

    Keywords: alternate holidays floating holidays holidays leave time off

  • Policy Number:4018D

    Status:Under Review

    An updated Denver Campus Holiday Policy is in development.

    Keywords: alternate holidays floating holidays leave time off

  • Policy Number:4010


    This administrative policy establishes the layoff procedure, process, and Matrix for the CU Denver Campus and CU Anschutz Medical Campus.

    Keywords: elimination reduction work loss

  • Policy Number:4009


    This policy establishes guidelines for leave sharing for classified staff, university staff, and faculty on twelve-month appointments.

    Keywords: donated leave illness injury vacation time

  • Policy Number:4001


    This policy supplements APS 5019 by setting forth the categories of twelve-month faculty and staff that are eligible for paid parental leave and the provisions related to the use of paid parental leave for twelve-month faculty and staff.

    Keywords: adoption birth health care insurance time off

  • Policy Number:4019


    This policy provides the steps to be followed by CU Denver Campus and CU Anschutz Medical Campus departments in processing payments for unused sick and vacation leave balances for qualifying separating or retiring employees.

    Keywords: leave payouts sick leave vacation leave

  • Policy Number:4025


    This policy documents the basic human resource tenets for the research associate title series and should serve as a guide for the proper administration of these positions.

    Keywords: assistant associate hiring Professional senior

  • Policy Number:4011


    This policy establishes guidelines for the hiring process of all Professional Research Assistants (PRA), applicable to (Sr.) Professional Research Assistants (job codes 1309/1310) and (Sr.) Research Associates (job codes 1305/1306).

    Keywords: 1305 1306 1310 job codes 1309

  • Policy Number:4015


    This policy establishes requirements and guidelines for student employment at the CU Denver Campus and CU Anschutz Medical Campus.

    Keywords: hours student employment

  • Policy Number:4030


    The purpose of this policy is to define the circumstances under which volunteers may provide services to the University, clarify volunteer restrictions, and identify exceptions.

    Keywords: ​volunteer compensation internship shadowing trainee