Website Redesign Project

Overview and Project Status

The redesign of the CU Denver website is a multiyear project to enhance the storytelling, usability, efficiency, and accessibility of our website. Initial planning and early discovery began in Spring 2023, in tandem with our brand refresh.

The project is being led by a working group from University Communications, and in collaboration with Denver and Anschutz OIT and several campus stakeholders. We will update this page regularly, so you can track our progress.

Right now, the redesigned main website ( is scheduled to launch in May 2025. Currently, we are in the process of gathering valuable stakeholder, community, and audience input.

April 2024 Community Input Sessions

We heard from our faculty, staff, and students on the features you'd most like to see going forward. Thank you for participating in our community sessions and providing your perspective.

Provide Your Feedback/Ideas

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About the Web Redesign Project

The web redesign project’s goals are to:

  • Effectively and consistently communicate our brand story and seamlessly guide visitors—particularly prospective students--to their desired destinations.
  • Be a model of accessible and user-centric design.
  • Provide a friendly interface and tools for site admin users.

Tentative Timeline

Main CU Denver Website

  • Present to Aug. 2024: Review current website and content management systems, conduct discovery process with stakeholders and audiences, and collaborate with campus community to gather insights and feedback.
  • Jun. 2024 to Apr. 2025: Content strategy and development
  • Aug. to Nov. 2024: Wireframing and design
  • Dec. to Apr. 2025: CMS implementation and development
  • Spring/Summer 2025: Launch redesigned

Other Websites

  • Jul. 2024 to Apr. 2025: Develop content and design guidelines and knowledge base for our community to redesign school, college, and departmental websites
  • May 2025 to Jun. 2026: Support the community—including schools, colleges, and departments—in their redesign efforts

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