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The purpose of CU Denver Latinx Student Alliance (LSA) is to unite the large community of students who identify as Latinx, Chicanx, Hispanic, and Indigenous Central and Southern Americans on Auraria Campus. We strive to build and provide an inclusive and supportive environment for our students, and it is our goal to foster educational, social, and political engagement within the CU community through connection to our cultural roots. Through the empowerment of Latinx culture and heritage, we are dedicated to strengthening the CU Denver experience for our students

About the Officers


Hello! My name is Abril Gallegos, and I am the 2020-2021 LSA President. I am a first-generation student who will be a second-year student here at UCD. I am currently in the pre-med track, majoring in biochemistry with a minor in ethnic studies. I hope to become a trauma surgeon helping underrepresented communities in the health sector. My goal for LSA is to create a community in which members are not afraid to connect with each other. I want to create an everlasting bond with my members. I hope that LSA can be role models and mentors for the Latinx community in order to inspire and motivate future students. I can't wait for the upcoming school year! 


Vice President 

Hello! My name is Jazmin Barraza and I am the 2020-201 LSA Vice President. I'm a first-year student, working towards my BS degree in Computer Science, and am interested in building a community with the students and faculty of our campus. I hope to build a lasting community and provide support to students that need them. This also includes that LSA becomes a student organization that is inclusive to all students on campus. Those are my hopes and dreams, and also, I would always listen to the ideas the members have, and what they would want to see happen, as well. 




My name is Yatziri González and I am the 2020-2021 LSA Treasurer. I just finished my first year at CU Denver. I’m double majoring in Criminal Justice and Anthropology. My dream is to become a Forensic Anthropologist🕵🏻‍♀️My family is from Mexico City so I am constantly traveling to Mexico to stay connected with my roots. I love trying new things and will never back down from a challenge 😊. 




Hello! My name is Yahaira Hernandez and I am the 2020-2021 LSA Secretary. I am a first-generation student, and I want to able to give back to my parents for all the sacrifices they did for me to have an education. I hope to achieve more ways to help people in our community who are being affected by their immigration status.



Public Relations

Hello! My name is Veronica Barajas and I am the 2020-2021 LSA Public Relations Officer. Currently, I’m a Freshman seeking a degree in marketing with the intention of working for a publisher and a minor in ethnic studies with the goal of becoming more educated on cultures. I enjoy writing and spending time outside as well with family and giving back. With LSA I hope to create a place where people feel like they belong and be able to educate others about the Latinx/Hispanic community and create awareness. 



Community Outreach Officer

Hello! My name is Brenda Rios and I am the 2020-2021 Community Outreach Coordinators. I am going into my Junior Year at CU Denver. I am currently obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Minoring in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience. I am on a pre-health track and planning on attending P.A. School. Some of the things I love to include volunteering with senior citizens as well as sewing. What I hope to achieve with LSA for the following academic year include assisting in creating more events that are inclusive of the Latinx community and help be part of a support system for the Latinx community at CU Denver.

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