Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We offer services, resources and guidance to enhance diversity university-wide and foster a culture of equity and inclusion.

An Equity-Serving Institution

At CU Denver, equity means that everyone can find a fulfilling path to success. We believe that equity is a justice issue, an institutional and leadership priority and imperative, and a value that guides everything we do. Becoming the nation’s first equity-serving institution means we are creating an environment where one’s racial and social identity no longer predetermines educational outcomes and professional advancement opportunities. We recognize inequities among all underserved communities and strive to address them through multifaceted approaches that include policy and structural reforms, inclusive academic programming and research opportunities, inclusive hiring and retention practices, and mutually beneficial partnerships. 

We aim to make education work for all by valuing, welcoming, supporting, and educating all people. We recognize that institutions are stronger and more innovative when their culture is inclusive and their talent is diverse. We strive to be a model equity institution for the nation.

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What Does the Term “Equity-Serving Institution” Mean to You

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