The mission of Latinx Student Services is to provide an inclusive environment to support the intersectional experiences, diverse cultures, and educational goals of Latinx students a CU Denver.

We seek to accomplish this by:

  • Advocating for the needs of Latinx students
  • Supporting students to amplify their voice and enact agency
  • Providing programs, events, and workshops that raise awareness about social justice issues that impact the diverse Latinx cultures, identities, and intersectional experiences.
  • Supporting the leadership development of Latinx student organizations.
  • Building community and a sense of belonging for all Latinx students, faculty, and staff.

Aisury VasquezAisury Vasquez

Pronouns: She | Her | Ella

¡Bienvenidxs a Servicios para Estudiantes Latinx en la Universidad de Colorado en Denver! Servicios para Estudiantes Latinx existe para garantizar que todos aqellxs que se identifican como Latinx en CU Denver se sientan aceptadxs, valoradxs y cumplidxs durante y después de sus carreras académicas. Esto es logrado a través de la colaboración entre estudiantes y la comunidad y por brindando apoyo, liderazgo y responsabilidad a toda la universidad para desarrollar espacios que atraigan a todas las personas hacia la inclusión.

Ya sea que tus planes incluyan pasantías, tiempo en el extranjero, servicio comunitario o liderazgo, ¡juntos construiremos un camino que aprovechará al máximo tu tiempo como Lynx! Servicios para Estudiantes Latinx busca proporcionar un entorno en el cual todxs puedan prosperar, crecer y celebrar sus experiencias como Latinxs y las ricas historias de la comunidad Latinx.

Te invitamos (con familia e amigxs) a futuras programaciones, eventos y celebraciones. ¡Juntos hacia el éxito!

En alianza, 

El equipo del Centro de Identidad e Inclusión

Welcome to Latinx Student Services at the University of Colorado at Denver! Latinx Student Services exists to ensure that all Latinx-identifying students at CU Denver feel accepted, feel valued and feel fulfilled during their academic careers and beyond. We do this through student and community collaboration and by providing university-wide support, leadership, and accountability to develop spaces that bring all people into inclusivity.  

Whether your plans include internships, time abroad, community service, or leadership, together we build a path that will make the most out of your time as a Lynx! LSS seeks to provide an environment in which students can thrive, grown, and celebrate the lived experiences and the rich histories of the expansive Latinx community. 

We hope that you will join us (and bring friends and family) in future programming, events, and celebrations. Together towards success! 

In alliance, 

The Center for Identity & Inclusion

Campus Updates

In October 2021, CU Denver was named a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) by the U.S. Department of Education. At the time, more than 26% of CU Denver’s undergraduates were Latinx, reflecting the emerging demographics of both Denver and Colorado. CU Denver was the fourth four-year university in Colorado to achieve HSI status. This designation will offer even more opportunities to invest in Latinx student services and ensure the success of our entire student population.


Our HSI recognition aligns with CU Denver’s larger goal—laid out in our 2030 Strategic Plan—to become an exemplar equity-serving institution that makes education work for all. We know that diversity alone isn’t enough. We must put our diversity into action. Belonging and equity are core values that benefit every member of our Lynx campus. By empowering each individual to make an impact, CU Denver is creating an authentic culture of inclusion where everyone can achieve success on their own terms.

Acknowledging the displacement of the former residents of Auraria — the distinctly Hispanic neighborhood that was removed when the Auraria Higher Education Campus was built in the 1970s — the Displaced Aurarian Scholarship was established in the 1990s to provide funding for the education of former residents, their children and grandchildren.

Recognizing the sacrifice and intergenerational legacy this displacement has had on families, CU Denver is honoring that legacy with an equally intergenerational platform for access. Beginning in Spring 2022, the scholarship is expanding to include all direct descendants of displaced Aurarians, not just children and grandchildren, and to remove previous limits on the number of semesters and classes that students may receive support for.



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