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Postdoc of the Month


January POTM-201901_WMcClary.jpg

​​Wynton McClary, PhD

Dr. McClary, a postdoc in the Catalano lab in Pharmaceutical Sciences, is working to develop a novel targeted drug delivery vehicle. In January, Dr. McClary was awarded a Postdoctoral and Fellow Transition Grant from the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and took 1stplace for his oral presentation at the 2018 Pharmaceutical Sciences research retreat. In addition, he recently served as a poster judge for the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students. 


Marina Felisbino, PhD

Dr. Felisbino, a postdoc in the McKinsey lab in the Dept. of Medicine, Division of Cardiology, studies how cell senescence and epigenetic factors regulate cardiac fibrosis. She was awarded a fellowship from the American Heart Association and published a review article. Dr. Felisbino writes an Early Career Investigators blog for the International Society for Heart Researchers and is an active member of the Postdoctoral Association and Postdoc Research Day committee. 

March POTM-201903_AChatterjee.jpg

Anushila Chatterjee, PhD
Dr. Chatterjee, a postdoc in the Duerkop lab in the Dept. of Immunology and Microbiology, develops bioinformatic data analysis protocols to help her lab and other labs analyze their data. Since joining the lab in 2017, she has published two review articles with a first author manuscript currently under review. Dr. Chatterjee is a member of the 2019 Postdoc Research Day (PDRD) committee and chair of the PDRD awards committee.
April POTM-201904_MKeleher.jpg

Madeline Keleher, PhD

Dr. Keleher, a postdoc in the Boyle lab in the Department of Pediatrics, studies how maternal obesity affects epigenetics and cell metabolism in mesenchymal stem cells from infants’ umbilical cords. She was recently selected to give an oral presentation at the highly competitive American Diabetes Association’s 2019 Scientific Sessions. Dr. Keleher is the CU Anschutz Postdoc Association Outreach Chair and is an organizer for Young Hands in Science.

May POTM-201905_SKanai.jpg

Stanley Kanai, PhD

Dr. Kanai, a postdoc in the Clouthier lab in the Department of Craniofacial Biology, studies the genetic and molecular basis of human craniofacial disorders. He was selected to give oral presentations at the Gordon Research Seminar on Craniofacial Morphogenesis and Tissue Regeneration and the Society for Craniofacial Genetics and Developmental Biology conference. He also received a travel award from the Graduate Program in Cell Biology, Stem Cells, and Development.

June POTM-201906_AJones.jpg

Amanda Jones, PhD
Dr. Jones, a postdoc in the Wesolowski Lab in the Dept. of Pediatrics, Div. of Neonatology, studies how hypoxia affects fetal glucose metabolism. She has published two first author papers and received numerous awards including a poster award at the Society for Reproductive Investigations in Paris, France. After a year on a T32 Training Grant, she was awarded not one but three independent postdoctoral grants, including a NIH F32 NRSA fellowship.
​​July SamSchwartz-squareCrop.jpg

Samantha Schwartz, PhD
Dr. Samantha Schwartz is a postdoc in the Kennedy lab in the Department of Pharmacology. She is investigating the molecular basis for learning and memory utilizing novel optogenetic tools to regulate neuronal activity.  She contributes to the lab by developing image processing and image analysis routines. She will present work from the lab at the upcoming international meeting in Gotemba, Japan "Current Trends and Future Directions of Synaptic Plasticity Research" and is excited to present her work as a poster at the Post Doc Research Day. 
August POTM-201908_EGolden.jpg

Erin Golden, PhD
Dr. Golden is a postdoctoral fellow in the department of Cell & Developmental Biology in the Barlow lab where she studies how taste buds develop and regenerate. Erin recently returned from the Society of Developmental Biology's annual meeting where she was one of 8 postdocs chosen to speak at teh Hilde Mangold Postdoctoral Symposium. Her greatest discovery during her postdoc has been uncovering her passion for science communication and mentoring, which led her to co-found Project Bridge Colorado in 2017 and serve as the PDA VP for the 2017-2018 academic year. She is driven by a belief that all scientists have a responsibility to share their research with the public and a desire to help them acquire the communication skills to do so!


Brady Spencer, PhD
Dr. Spencer is a postdoc in the Doran Lab in the Department of Immunology and Microbiology where she studies how the major neonatal pathogen Group B Streptococcus tries to evade the host immune response. During her time in the lab, Dr. Brady has published two co-authored manuscripts, a first authored manuscript, and has another first authored manuscript under review. Dr. Spencer is also an excellent lab citizen, helping to train two rotation students and setting a tone of excitement and collaboration in the lab!
October POTM-201910-bagchi.png

Rushita Bagchi, PhD
Dr. Bagchi is a postdoc in the Division of Cardiology in the McKinsey lab where she studies how epigenetic factors control adipose tissue function in metabolic disease providing rationale for the development of targeted therapeutics. During her postdoc she has published several articles including her most recent in Circulation Research. In addition to receiving prestigious awards for her work, Rushita leads the Communications Committee for early career investigators at the North American section of the International Society for Heart Research, and is actively involved in the PDA, WiSTEM, and the American Physiology Society.

November POTM-201911_SizhaoLu.jpg

Sizhao (Kevin) Lu, PhD
Dr. Lu is a postdoctoral fellow in the Division of Renal Disease and Hypertension in Dr. Mary Weiser-Evans lab where he works on understanding the molecular pathways regulating vascular fibrosis in the setting of cardiovascular disease. Dr. Lu is currently supported by a AHA fellowship and recently was awarded a travel award for young investigators for his oral presentation at the Vascular Discovery 2019 meeting. In addition to his work, Dr. Lu is a highly esteemed lab member, always willing to help his colleagues and described as the 'MVP' of the team! When Dr. Lu is not in the lab you can find him with his pup in the Cherry Creek Dog Off Leash Area.

December POTM-0-silhouette.jpg Valerie Minarchick, PhD
Dr. Minarchick was a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Jared Brown's Lab in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences where she focused on better understanding how nanoparticles affect the cardiovascular system. Dr. Minarchick's hard work as a postdoctoral fellow paid off, as she was recently promoted to a Research Associate in the Department of Rheumatology this month! Dr. Minarchick also was recently selected to give an oral presentation at the regional meeting for the Mountain West Society of Toxicology and just completed her F32 fellowship this month.

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