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 Programs of Study

Students at CU Denver have three options to choose from while pursuing a career in cybersecurity:


Undergraduate Program

The newly launched Bachelor of Science in cybersecurity will prepare students for careers in security engineering, security analysis, cybersecurity  law, security architecture, cybersecurity sales, secure web development, secure system development and many other diverse careers that rely on cybersecurity as a form of protection and preparation. More information at: Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity

Graduate Programs

Business School

Type: Graduate Degree (MS) in Information Systems - Cybersecurity

Description: This program has a cybersecurity risk management in business focus.

A field actively looking for talent, cybersecurity is of growing relevance. Companies depend on digital solutions and the consequence of security breaches are all too real. This specialization hones your skills through course topics including:

  • Securing and protecting enterprise
  • IT risk management
  • Ethical hacking
  • Intrusion detection and incident response

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Program Faculty:

Advisory Board:

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

Graduates of the CU Denver MS in Information Systems Program will be able to:

  1. Leverage Data - Design systems and processes that facilitate the organization, use, management, and preservation of information.
  2. Manage Strategically - Develop strategies for the efficient and cost-effective management of information systems.
  3. Design Thoughtfully - Translate business requirements into technical solutions by analyzing, designing, implementing, and evaluating information systems artifacts.
  4. Act Securely - Apply basic cybersecurity principles to identify, protect, detect respond and recover from cybersecurity threats.
  5. Behave Ethically - Assess ethical issues in information systems, such as privacy, access, and bias.

Program Courses (All Required - 30 Credits Total):

  • ISMG 6020 - Programming Fundamentals with Python
  • ISMG 6080 - Database Management Systems
  • ISMG 6120 - Network Design and Analysis
  • ISMG 6180 - Information Systems Strategy
  • ISMG 6340 - Cloud Computing Concepts, Tools, and Security
  • ISMG 6430 - Information Systems Security and Privacy
  • ISMG 6860 - Ethical Hacking Concepts and Methodologies
  • ISMG 6865 - Digital Forensics Analysis
  • ISMG 6890 - IT Risk Management
  • ISMG 6910 - Design Science Practicum
    ISMG Approved Internship

College of Engineering, Design, and Computing

Type: Graduate Certificate: Cybersecurity and Defense 

Description: This program has a traditional Computer Science approach to cybersecurity

The certificate program in cybersecurity and defense prepares computer science professionals to identify, analyze and mitigate technical cybersecurity related vulnerabilities, exploits and attacks against network and critical cyber infrastructure. The coursework emphasizes practical technical skills, analysis and research focused on current cybersecurity issues

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Program Faculty:

Advisory Board:

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

Graduates of the CU Denver Cybersecurity and Defense Program will be able to:

  1. Basic Knowledge - Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of cybersecurity principles and practices.
  2. Broader Concepts - Understand the national needs in the area of cybersecurity and learn the necessary skills to advance their careers as practicing cybersecurity professionals.
  3. Spec, Design & Implementation - Identify and analyze various types of cyber and infrastructure threats and apply basic cybersecurity defense concepts to develop and assess defensive solutions against them.
  4. Application - Apply cybersecurity knowledge and skills to maintain operations in the presence of risks.
  5. Professional Conduct - Understand their professional responsibilities and make informed judgments in their cybersecurity practices based on legal and ethical principles.

Program Courses (All Required - 12 Credits Total):

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