Battery Backup Calculator

Figuring out how much electricity your important medical devices need can be tricky. The calculator below can give you an idea of how long different battery backup systems could last, based on what kind of medical devices you're powering. Keep in mind that this is an estimate. Your devices might use more or less electricity than the calculator thinks. It is important to know your own devices' electricity needs when you're using a backup system. For more help with figuring out your electricity needs, you can visit our page covering how to calculate your power needs.

Follow the steps below to use the calculator:

  • Select a device and enter its average daily use in hours
  • Use the "Calculate" button to see how long the battery backup system might last.
  • Use the "Reset" button to start over.
  1. Calculate usage:

A Fully Charged Battery will last:

This is a full line of text for demo purposes.

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