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Jean Scandlyn, PhD

Department of Anthropology

Fulbright Scholar

Bolivia, 2009-2010


Improving Health and Development of Adolescents and Young Adults in Bolivia

Complex social issues such as HIV transmission, women’s health, and youth development, require insightful and ongoing research and evaluation for effective program development. In April, 2009, Jean Scandlyn was awarded a Fulbright Teaching Fellowship to collaborate in answering the research and evaluation needs of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Bolivia. 

Scandlyn spoke with representatives from a variety of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that work to improve the health and development of adolescents and young adults. ​In the conversations, executive directors expressed a need for education and training in qualitative research methods that could be applied to a variety of projects.

From these conversations, Scandlyn, in collaboration with PROCOSI, an association of health-related NGOs, developed a proposal to teach a series of workshops on qualitative research design and data analysis using computer-based qualitative analysis software. Given the often limited budgets of NGOs and the need to work in teams across multiple sites, the workshops provided instruction and practice in using software programs that are widely available at low or no cost on the internet. These programs were suitably designed for use in individual and team-based projects. 

The curriculum combined lectures and demonstrations with hands-on application of concepts and methods. Workshop participants gained valuable experience in designing and completing projects for their agencies.  Competence and skill was built among Bolivian NGO personnel, enabling them to train others. Workshops were planned to be held once each year over three years, with Scandlyn providing supervision and support for participants via the internet between her annual visits to Bolivia. In addition to the workshops for NGO personnel, Scandlyn worked with local universities to develop courses in qualitative research.

“Professionally, being a Fulbright scholar enabled me to work with Bolivians to build capacity in qualitative research and to develop relationships both for future research on the transition to adulthood. I hope to bring more Bolivian scholars to the U.S.”

- Jean Scandlyn, PhD
Department of Anthropology


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