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George F. Kacenga, MS


Office of International Affairs

Fulbright Scholar

Korea 2013


Fulbright International Education Administrators Program to Korea

As an award recipient for the 2013 Fulbright International Education Administrators Program to Korea, George F. Kacenga traveled throughout the country gaining deep insights into the country’s education system, its culture, and its people. As one in a cohort of eight, Kacenga was afforded the opportunity to attend meetings with representatives from top Korean universities, private-sector agencies and organizations, and selected government departments – including a trip to the demilitarized zone (DMZ). His Fulbright delegation also spent time with the leaders in multiple university international offices allowing him to respond to questions about U.S. culture and higher education.

Kacenga’s objective in applying for the Korea Fulbright program was to achieve a deeper awareness in three areas relevant to a growing student population that he serves: cultural understanding, international education administration, and general higher education administration. Kacenga stated prior to the trip that “South Korea has been more mystery than reality to me, touchable at best through books and the occasional personal encounter. In my professional leadership roles, including my recent appointment in the Office of International Affairs at the University of Colorado Denver, I am increasingly aware of my shortcoming in this area and, by extension, of my limitation in better understanding and serving South Korean and Asian students and scholars. I am hoping to use this grant to take some initial, purposeful and guided steps to correct this shortcoming.”

There is a strategic need for the University of Colorado Denver to better understand the Korean Peninsula. This Fulbright opportunity provided me with the requisite skills to aid the deliberate strategy of the Office of International Affairs to develop sustained, strategic initiatives in Korea. Further, this experience generated good will that extends itself to existing memorandums of understanding with the Korean Ministry of Public Administration Security (MOPAS), the Korean Development Institute (KDI), and Seoul Metropolitan Government.

“South Korea is an important country to both the United States and the growing number of educational collaborations. This opportunity made me more sensitive to South Korean student and scholar needs and helped me to better lead within our teams that strategize collaborations and provide direct support to our Korean students attending the University of Colorado Denver. ”

- George F. Kacenga
Director, International Enrollment Management | Office of International Affairs


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