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Auraria Campus class time changes

New hours will begin Spring 2011


Several strategies were developed and scrutinized for maximizing Auraria Camus space during desirable times because finding space for all requested classes has become increasingly difficult.  The best options were presented and commented on by faculty, staff, and student leaders. A strategy was adopted by campus leadership who worked together to maximize the amount of space available at times that are most useable to faculty. The new class start times are effective beginning spring semester 2011.

The team looked at overall usage and noted that there were rooms available early and late in the day, but midday is at or within a few rooms of capacity. One result is delaying, rarely used, 7 a.m. class start times to 8 a.m. This change also creates a more attractive time block in the evening, with classes starting at 6:30 p.m. vs. 7 p.m., which also has been an underutilized time block.

Auraria Campus classroom space in non-traditional spaces, such as conference rooms and movie theaters were added to facilitate more classes. While helpful, those additions alone could not resolved the issue.

All three institutions on campus have experienced record enrollments; some programs have experienced as much as a 30 percent growth in students.  This trend does not show signs of changing anytime soon. This increase in students seeking the quality educational opportunities we provide and the fact that class cancellations were at a reduced level contributed to the lack of classrooms available during peak times that faculty requested.