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A quick review of Ombuds Office services

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Freedom of Speech in the Classroom

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Options for Addressing Low Morale in Your Unit

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Options When Someone is Accused

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Navigating Obstacles with Your PI

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Navigating through VISA and Lab Issues

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Ombuds Office

Helping You Navigate Conflict

The Ombuds Office acts as a no-barrier, first-stop for students, faculty and staff seeking guidance, information and insight from a trusted advisor who is:

  • CONFIDENTIAL  We will protect your identity and the information you share and are not compelled to share details of any conversation with the University.  Our only exception is imminent harm to self or to others.
  • INDEPENDENT  We are not affiliated with any other office or department at the University, but exist to present solutions and guidance that is independent of external and internal forces.
  • IMPARTIAL  We do not take sides, but work to address issues in a way that allows everyone involved in a dispute to be treated fairly and in good faith.
  • INFORMAL  Visiting us doesn't trigger a formal course of action often typical of HR or legal processes.  Engaging an Ombuds is always "off the record".
  • VOLUNTARY  No one can be prohibited from visiting the Ombuds Office, nor can anyone be compelled to use our services. 
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