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How We Can Help

The Ombuds Office at the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus provides an alternative forum for prompt, impartial, and confidential discussion for individuals to review options for the informal resolution of differences. 

Contacting the Ombuds Office is a voluntary process and neither the office nor any other entity or person may compel a visitor to utilize its services. We assist people with disagreements and a variety of conflict-related issues, such as working conditions, interpersonal interactions, grades, policies and procedures, sexual harassment, discrimination, and disciplinary actions. 

The Ombuds Office possesses no formal decision-making authority, but rather provides options and resources for visitors in attempting to resolve their conflicts.

The Ombuds Office Can:

  • Listen and discuss issues and concerns
  • Coach visitor with options
  • Explain University policies and procedures
  • Offers both informal and formal options
  • Informally mediate between parties
  • Address trends and patterns to administrators

The Ombuds Office Cannot:

  • Accept notice of problems or policy violations on behalf of the University
  • Give legal advice
  • Provide testimony
  • Formally investigate
  • Compel anyone to implement recommendations or policies
  • Make changes to policies, administrative decisions, or laws

The Ombuds Office is not authorized to accept notice of claims against the University. Discussions with the Ombuds Office does not create a record, nor does it begin a formal process. The Ombuds Office will keep conversations confidential unless imminent harm or danger is present, or if compelled by a court of law. Presently, there is no statutory privilege in Colorado for Ombuds regarding confidentiality.

Anschutz: 303.724.2950

Denver: 303.315.0046

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