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Network: Faculty and Staff Resources, News and Events

Network: Faculty and Staff Resources

New faculty/staff portal announced

CU Resources to replace


The following faculty/staff e-mail was sent from E. Jill Pollock, Senior Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Beginning in July, University Information Systems will begin implementing a new employee portal to replace the present one,, for all CU faculty and staff.  This message is the first in a series of communications from Kelly Fox, Chief Financial Officer for the University of Colorado System, and me on improvements to the portal function.

The new portal is called CU Resources.  It will be available from your current campus portal and will offer improved access to the information and tools you use to manage your day-to-day work. 

In the initial phase for CU Resources, you will be able to manage additional personal information, like phone numbers, email addresses, home address and emergency contacts.  For the first time you also will be able to set up or change payroll direct deposit information and update the IRS W-4 tax withholding form—all electronically, without paper.  A personalized benefit statement will be viewable any time to confirm the various plans in which you are enrolled, along with links to related benefit provider contact services.

CU Resources has a new look and feel.  It should be easier to find and use information.  The portal is built on Oracle’s PeopleSoft software platform, the same technology utilized for CU systems like Finance, HRMS and ISIS.  You will be able to log into those systems using “single sign on” instead of navigating to another website and having to reenter your user ID and password to use one of the software applications.

Within the new portal you also will access the Concur Travel and Expense system and, starting August 1, 2011, the new CU Marketplace.  More on the latter next month.

The portal team is interested in your feedback on CU Resources, particularly on design and ease of use.  Please send your comments to