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Staff Council


Staff Council

We are here for you!

Executive Committee Members:

​​Veronica Paradise, Chai​r


 FDC, School of Medicine - Anschutz

​Christine Hodges, Co-Vice Chair


Obstetrics & Gynecology, School of Medicine - Anschutz
Jennifer M. Smith, Co-Vice Chair ​College of Nursing - Anschutz

Cristina Mooney, Secretary

​Administration, Health Sciences Library - Anschutz

JD Ainsworth, Treasurer


Medical Oncology, School of Medicine - Anschutz

Carissa Smith, Parliamentarian


​Dean's Office, School of Medicine - Anschutz


Staff Council Members:

Dahlbach, Amy


Office of Information Technology - Denver | Anschutz

Harrison, Carolyn

​Gastrointestinal/Lung Oncology, School of Medicine - Anschutz

Humphrey, Blake


​Information Technology, Physical Therapy Program - Anschutz

School of Education & Human Development, Dean's Office - Denver

Jones, Kyla


Internal Medicine, School of Medicine - Anschutz

​Kimminau, Michele


Community Epidemiology Program Evaluation Group - Anschutz

​Lacey, Catherine

​GPR Specialties Clinic, CU Advanced Dental Care Clinic - Anschutz

Leiker, Travis

​Office of Alumni Relations - Anschutz

Leonhard, Nicole

​Office of the Registrar - Denver

Marsh, Stephen

​Facilities Management - Anschutz

Mosley, Tonia

​Bursar's Office- Denver

Petty, Phillip


Facilities Management - Denver

Rees, Karin

​Faculty Assembly & Office of Assessment - Denver | Anschutz

Sandoval, Everlyn Medical Oncology, ​School of Medicine - Anschutz
Shiver, Michelle ​Center for Global Health, Colorado School of Public Health - Anschutz
Staley, Stormy ​Renal Medicine, School of Medicine - Anschutz


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