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Staff Council


Employee of the Month

Staff Council chooses Emerson as Employee of the Month for May 2012

Congratulations to Becky Emerson

Congratulations to Becky Emerson, winner of the May 2012 Classified Employee of the Month. Becky was hired in August of 2000, and has given over 12 years of dedicated work to the University. She is currently a Program Assistant I with the School of Education and Human Development.

Dr. Ron Tzur, Professor with the School of Education and Human Development, details the extensive ways in which Becky has supported the department, enabling them to succeed. He states, “Becky is doing a super job-professionally and inter-personally. I have been in quite a few universities and Becky is by far the top staff assistant I have ever had the opportunity to work with. She is always supportive and positive, doing everything asked for at the highest level of performance, and makes us all feel as if no effort has been involved. Her work is top-notch, on time and accurate, combined with pleasant and highly supportive ways of interacting with superiors, peers, and supervisees. Her dedication to the work we all do is unmatched. I simply cannot imagine how we would have done half of what we accomplished without her support and dedication.”

Professor Mark A. Clarke, also with the School of Education and Human Development says of Becky, “Becky is competent, hard-working and cheerful. She sees what has to be done and does it in a way that provides a glow that pervades the School of Education. She attends to details and follows up if there are confusions. She goes above and beyond to reduce tensions and clarify details to ensure her job is done in the most efficient way possible.”

Farah Ibrahim, PhD, LP (CO), Professor for the School of Education and Human Development, shares, “I have observed Becky’s work ethic, professionalism, commitment to excellence, and positive and supportive attitude for nearly six years. I believe it is time that we acknowledged how much she does to facilitate the work of the school, and the faculty. Becky’s ability to respond in a timely manner, her ability to keep track of several tasks, and deliver on all her commitments has always impressed me. The best part is her demeanor; she is always positive and supportive of faculty, staff, and students. She has made it possible for us to do our work and has been the person on the front end greeting students and other constituents with professionalism. We are truly blessed to have her in our midst, making our work easier, and supporting us in all our endeavors.”

Congratulations Becky, you are truly an asset to the School of Education, and are deeply appreciated. Kudos to you!


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