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Staff Council


Employee of the Month

Staff Council chooses Hixson as Employee of the Month for January 2012

Congratulations to Bonnie Hixson

Bonnie is a Receptionist Administrative Assistant II in the Chancellors’ Office. She has been with the University for more than a year.

There were numerous letters of praise for Bonnie; here are some of the things people said.

“Bonnie Hixson handles the thankless job of front desk receptionist in the Chancellor’s Suite…Bonnie has a willingness to go above and beyond her job requirements with grace and ease. Bonnie had increased and improved the confidence and reputation of the Chancellor’s Suite to people who call into or visit the office by demonstrating her knowledge and providing an attitude of helpfulness and service. Her cheerful and bright attitude has made the Chancellor’s Suite a much brighter place to work.” – Joyce Cheatham, Executive Assistant in Administration and Finance.

Claudette Iacino, Administrative Assistant in Facilities Management remarked, “Bonnie is one of the [warmest] and kindest individuals I know. She always has a welcoming smile on her face, which makes her very approachable.”

“Bonnie is always pleasant, helpful, and shows patience with all the random calls and requests we receive. She is the epitome of customer service. She has a clear understanding of our mission and is extremely knowledgeable of University policies and procedures. She consistently volunteers to take on more duties and learns exceptionally fast. Bonnie is extremely dedicated and is a very hard worker. Her support and knowledge has provided a comfort that I have not had as the Assistant to the Chancellor. I know that the Chancellor is in good hands and everything will be handled appropriately in my absence.”-Diana Kelly, Executive Assistant, Chancellor’s Office.

Genia Larson, Director, Office of Outreach, Events and Alumni Relations, Chancellor’s Office commented, “Bonnie is someone I look to for support, guidance and a smile. She is a true team-player and I am glad she is on our team!

Katie Goodwin, Assistant University Counsel said, “Bonnie is the first person that one sees when exiting the elevators; she is always courteous and professional – two traits that are essential for her position. One of Bonnie’s strongest assets is her natural ability to want to help others. She is constantly asking if there is more that she can do; I feel that she has gone above and beyond what is written in her job description. I think that Bonnie always strives to do her best and it is evident to those of us who work with her.”

Congratulations Bonnie!


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