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Staff Council


Employee of the Month

Staff Council chooses Davis as Employee of the Month for January 2013

Congratulations to Karl Davis

Congratulations to Karl Davis winner of the January 2013 Classified Employee of the Month. Karl was hired in 1999, and currently works with Student Financial Services, in the Financial Aid Department.

Karl is an indispensable part of the Financial Aid Department on the AMC Campus. The nominations he received show how he has shone in role of employee and supervisor.

Deedee Colussy, with the AMC Financial Aid Department says, “Karl is an exceptional and one-of-a-kind employee and supervisor. He is incredibly dedicated to his job, the students and the University. He works tirelessly, to help students and staff make CU the incredible institution it is. Karl truly is ‘one of a kind’ and deserves to be recognized for his dedication to the University of Colorado Denver. Karl is very involved with his church, sings in All-City Choir and also plays the piano at special events.”

James Broscheit, Director of Financial Aid, states, “Karl has proven himself to be a quick learner in an environment full of change and new requirements. This is a strong trait when we often have implementation cycles that are weeks instead of months. Karl exhibits a willingness to take on extra projects or assignments internally related to the administrative functions of our office as well as that extra step in providing customer service to our students. He exercises good patience and judgment throughout in acknowledging personalities and learning/understanding curves we face. Karl is approachable by our own staff as well as others from across campus. He is even keeled in situations which in turn creates a sense of calm in sensitive interactions. As a member of the management team, he provides service not to just AMC where he resides, but to the campus as a whole.”

Matt Lemme, with the Financial Aid Department on the Denver Campus said, “Karl is extremely easy to work with. He handles every situation with a smile. No matter what the nature of the problem, he always looks toward a solution, and always with the students’ interest in mind. Karl is a knowledgeable and competent supervisor. He is able to provide training even in areas in which he is not the expert when he learns that a staff member may be struggling.”

Congratulations Karl! Your hard work and dedication to the University and it’s students is greatly appreciated!


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