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Recover Deleted Items

Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2011, 2013 and Outlook Web App

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1.  How to recover missing emails or email items from Outlook


Step 1.   Outlook 2010 and 2013 have a method of recovering items that were deleted and are not showing up in the Deleted Items folder. This hidden folder of items that were deleted may be found with the following procedure.

a.       In Outlook 2010, (with Service Pack 2 installed) go to the top “Folder” tab and there you’ll see the box titled “Recover Deleted Items”. Clicking on that brings up the folder that shows your items that were deleted from the Deleted Items folder or from any other folder if they were deleted in a way that bypassed the Deleted Items folder. See first screen-shot below for the Outlook 2010 view. 
b.      In Outlook 2013, to access the ‘Recover Deleted Item’ window, simply right-click any of the Outlook folders, (Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, etc.) and you’ll see the choice to “Recover Deleted Items…”  See below screen-shot. 
Step 2.   A new box comes up, called “Recover Deleted Items”. (See screen shot below) You’ll note that all the Deleted Items all have the same icon-view.
Note: Please note that whether your missing items were a Calendar appointment, a Contact, or a mail item, they all will have the same “envelope” icon view, as shown.
Step 3.   Review the emails you have; you can sort them by when they were “Deleted On”, who they were from, or the Subject. Clicking on the top column does the sorting feature for you. Once you find the item(s) you wish to recover, select them then click the middle icon at the top left that specifies “Recover Selected Items”.
Step 4.   When that is clicked, those selected items will then show up back in their original folder from where they were before.  (Calendar Items will show back up in the calendar, emails will show up in the folder from where they were originally, etc.) 
Important Note: items are kept in this “Recover Deleted Items” for no more than 30 days. After 30 days they will be removed. With there being no tape backups of the mailboxes, there will be no recovery options available to bring back any missing emails that were deleted more than 30 days ago. 

2.  How to recover missing emails or email items from Outlook Web App

Step 1.   One issue we are currently working on, should the missing email items NOT show up in the Outlook “Recover Missing Items…” option described above is to go to an Internet browser and recover the missing email items there.  This procedure will also work for users on Mac OS. 
Step 2.   This “Recover deleted items…” option is only available by right-clicking the “Deleted Items” folder in the web interface. There you’ll see the menu choice. (see below screen-shot) 
Step 3.   That brings up a new web page that shows the option to “Recover Deleted Items”. This has a means of Searching for your missing items; see the hour-glass below. They also show up sorted by who sent them in bold black letters, the subject is below that and the date of the items is listed on the right side. 
See screen-shot below:
owarecoverhour.pngStep 4.   You then select the item(s) you wish to recover by clicking to the left of the mail item, then go to the lower right where it says “Recover”. See screen shot below.
 recoverbutton.pngStep 5.   Clicking on that brings up the web dialog box informing you of where the recovered items will be restored to. Clicking OK brings them back.  
Microsoft URL's for restoring deleted items

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