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New Lecturers!

Welcome to the CU Succeed Programs!

New lecturers add new opportunities for students. Thank you for your tremendous work! We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the program, outline expectations, and link you to resources regarding CU Succeed.

Course Title-

As a lecturer and adjunct faculty member of The University of Colorado Denver, you are qualified and have been approved to teach the course for which you’ve applied. Your course syllabus and teaching credentials have been reviewed and approved by the chair of the department from which your course is offered. You represent CU Denver. We ask that you always keep that in mind when communicating to your students about your course. Referring to your course with the CU Denver course number and title helps students remember that they are taking a college course, not a high school course for college credit.

Notification of Course Offering-

Before every semester you will be asked to notify CU Succeed about your intent to offer a course. Course Notifications are submitted online and you will receive e-mail reminders when the time approaches. 

Updated Course Syllabus-

Once you have submitted your notification of course offering, you will need to submit a syllabus. Though we may have a syllabus on file from a previous semester, you must submit an updated syllabus, every semester.

Registration Packet-

Your students will be required to go online each semester to register for your course. You will be sent registration instructions prior to each registration period. It is helpful to review those instructions carefully to ensure you are familiar with the registration process. You are your student’s first point of contact. You will be asked to disseminate the registration packet to interested students and parents prior to registration each semester.

Course Roster and Parent/Guardian Financial Responsibility Forms-

At the end of registration we ask that you collect all Parent/Guardian Financial Responsibility Form from the registered students. The form ensures that the students’ parents/guardians are aware of the tuition cost and academic consequences associated with this program.


Near the end of each semester, you will be asked to have your students complete course evaluations. The Regents of the University of Colorado and the Colorado Department of Higher Education policies require that every course offered through CU Denver is evaluated. You will be notified when and how the evaluations will be dispersed.


Grades are submitted online through the CU Denver Faculty Portal. Detailed information on how to access and complete grades will be e-mailed to you towards the semester's closure. Submission of grades online will be the final and official record of your students’ progress in your course. Please ensure they are accurate prior to completing and approving them.


Administrative Stipend-
The high school will receive an administrative stipend for time and effort expended by the school administration and CU Succeed instructor on activities associated with the instruction of each course (i.e., meetings with CU Denver faculty, coordination of registration, administration of evaluations, etc.). The amount of the stipend is $8 per credit hour generated in the courses taught in the high school during the academic year. The stipend is paid at the end of each semester and is broken down by course and instructor. Allocation of the stipend is up to the jurisdiction of the high school.


Contact Information-

We are always available to help! Feel free to contact us with any question or concern. If you have questions directly for your academic department, feel free to contact the Chair or CU Succeed Liaison​. 

Angela Alton
Assistant Director, CU Succeed Programs
Phone: 303-315-7032
Fax:     303-315-7046

Danny Martinez
Director, CU Succeed Programs
Phone: 303-315-7035                                                                                                                                                                        Fax:     303-315-7046

CU Succeed | Office phone: (303) 315-7030 | Fax: (303) 315-7046

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