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Digital animation student wins coveted PIXAR internship

DENVER (April 17, 2014)—Jeremy Kuehn has known since fifth grade that he wanted to be a film animator. The CU Denver student is one of only nine students selected for a coveted internship with PIXAR.

Former CU president Albino leads project on oral health of underserved kids

AURORA, Colo. (April 15, 2014) - Judith Albino, the first woman president of the University of Colorado, now leads a CU project to address crucial oral health issues among American Indian and Alaska Native children.

Milo pumps up college spirit at Hill Middle School

DENVER (April 14, 2014)—Milo the Lynx made such an impression on eighth-grader Elizabeth Cardenas at Hill Campus of Arts and Sciences that she went home and talked to her mom about college.