Danielle Shoots - BSBA '08

Entrepreneur, investor, influencer, CFO at 26

CU Denver has partnered with world-renowned artist Detour to paint the picture of our graduates’ success in a series of murals that will be completed this spring.

We sat down with executive, investor, and influencer Danielle Shoots — one of the alumni featured in the series. We spoke with her about what the mural represents, what makes CU Denver unique, and what it’s like to find out that your face will appear on the side of a building.

The murals are a declaration of who CU Denver serves. And they’re a testament to the power of those people once they graduate. This is a story that can’t be told enough.

What’s one piece of advice you have for current students?

Bring your whole self to everything you do. Don’t buy into the idea that to be a leader, you have to leave pieces of yourself behind. When I got divorced, the first people I told were on my team at Comcast. Be honest about who you are, because as a leader, you have to be able to remind yourself who you are when things are difficult. To do that, you first have to be self-aware.

What’s your biggest hope for CU Denver?

CU Denver has a big opportunity to play a role in changing what our workforce looks like. And specifically, who holds power in Colorado. CU Denver produces true leaders who are capable of changing the world and making a profit at the same time. I’m hoping that the university stays true to itself by continuing to meet people where they are and supporting them as whole human beings.

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