Research and Creative Activities Symposium

Outstanding Research and Creative Activities:

Awards for Graduate Research:

  • Jennifer Chipman: Civil Engineering, College of Engineering and Applied Science “The Value of International Collaborations in Understanding How Climate change Affects Water Supplies from Snow Dominated Catchments”
  • Rebecca Green: Reproductive Sciences, School of Dental Medicine “Development of Cleft Lip / Palate – Establishing a Role for Shape”

Awards for Undergraduate Research:

  • Dayton Goodell: Psychology, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences “Effects of Adolescent Social Deprivation on Social Reward: Ethanol Preference and Social Abuse Escape Behavior”
  • Lydia Hooper: Environmental Media/GIS, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences “Life at La Suerte: Visualizing Human Relationship with Rainforest Biodiversity”

Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence:

Undergraduate Creative Activity:

  • Deana Macdonald: Film, Theater & TV, College of Arts and Media “The Golden Hour”

Graduate Creative Activity:

  • Caitlin Blythe: Architecture, College of Architecture and Planning “Architecture & Fashion: A Cultural Comparison through Digital Fabrication”

Undergraduate Research:

  • C. Ross Cohlmia, Devin Eldridge, Warren Linn, Brian Lopez, Thomas Serra, Carl Simonsen:Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering and Applied Science “Upcyclatron: The ECoReP Machine”

Graduate Research:

  • Surendra Singh: Toxicology, School of Pharmacy “The Role of ALDH1B1 in Alcohol Metabolism and Colon Cancer”

Outstanding Student Mentor Award:

  • Dr. Angela Gover: School of Public Affairs 
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