About Poll Everywhere

Faculty and staff can use Poll Everywhere to create and host live polls, view audience responses, and download reports. Polls can be added to PowerPoint presentations, displayed in a web browser, shared with colleagues, or embedded into Canvas.

Poll Everywhere can be used to engage your audience by:

  • Syncing individual student scores to the Canvas gradebook
  • Connecting to your Microsoft PowerPoint for seamless polling
  • Engaging poll options include:
    • Competition
    • Clickable image
    • Word cloud
  • Multiple choice
  • Displaying scientific and mathematic equations as a poll question
  • Embedding websites or videos into your PowerPoint presentation
  • Sharing polls with colleagues or departments (Request a team

Getting Started

If you already have a free or paid Poll Everywhere account with your university email address, you should have received an email the week of November 7, 2022 inviting you to the university's new enterprise account. By accepting the invitation, you can take advantage of single sign-on, unlimited polling, team sharing, and the Canvas integration.

If you do not have a Poll Everywhere account, go to the university's single sign-on (SSO) login page at polleverywhere.com/auth/saml/ucdenver. Log in with your university email and password to complete creating your account.

Resources from Poll Everywhere are available to help you get started:

Instructor resources:

Support and Training

The Division for Teaching Innovation and Program Strategy (TIPS) offers virtual training sessions. More information about dats and registering are available at https://cu-tips.corsizio.com/

Once you have signed into your account, you should be able to create activities. If you are unable to create questions for your audience, please contact the OIT Service Desk for assistance. 

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