Lifelong Learners

Area residents 60+ may attend CU Denver on a non-credit, non-tuition basis.

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Lifelong Learners Program

Adults who are 60 or older may take any course listed in the Schedule of Courses, except classes as described below and as outlined in the
Lifelong Learners packet​:

  • Courses which require laboratory or special equipment use,
  • Computer courses
  • Courses offered through the Division of Extended Studies.
  • Courses with additional fees
  • CU Online courses
  • CU Denver South Campus or Anschutz Medical Campus courses
  • Intensive and/or module courses (ie Maymester, 6-week hybrid)
Acceptance in class will be determined by the instructor, based on space availability, and the previous level of education obtained by the Lifelong Learner student. A limit of two (2) courses may be taken per semester.

Participation Guidelines

Please see the current Lifelong Learners packet which includes:

  • Guidelines
  • Participation form
  • Instructions to access the Schedule of Courses

Participation forms are available from Lynx Central, Student Commons Building, Suite 1107, or call 303-315-5969.

To participate:

  • Attend the chosen class(es) during the first week of the semester.
  • Have the instructor(s) sign the participation acceptance form.
  • Return the completed form to Lynx Central, Student Commons Building, Suite 1107.

Classroom Participation

  • A student auditing a class as a Lifelong Learner is not required to take written or oral exams and/or submit written reports.

  • A Lifelong Learner is responsible for purchasing textbooks, supplies, or other materials. 

     Do not buy your text books until the permission form has been signed by the instructor.

  • Grades or other forms of evaluation will not be kept by CU Denver.  There will be no official file or transcript recording.

Campus Services

Students auditing a classes a Lifelong Learner are not eligible for services offered to enrolled students on the CU Denver campus or the Student Health Center. However, Community or Alumni services may be available if applicable.


A form of identification indicating age or birth date may be requested.​

Liability: Special Note

The University of Colorado at Denver will not be liable for damage or injury sustained by a Lifetime Learner resulting directly from participation in courses or presence in buildings owned or leased by the University, except to the extent of applicable normal liability insurance coverage.

For any additional information, please contact 303-315-5969 or stop by Lynx Central, Student Commons Building, 1201 Larimer Street, Suite 1107.​​

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