How to Audit a Class

Checklist for Lifelong Learners

To join the program, all steps in the Checklist for Lifelong Learners must be followed:

  • Complete a FREE admissions application for the Non-Credit Undergraduate Continuing and Professional Education program. Apply online for each semester you wish to audit classes. For assistance applying, visit Lynx Central. If you are being asked to make a payment, you have started the incorrect application type. Please note that applying does not guarantee participation in the Lifelong Learners program.
  • Check out the Undergraduate Courses A-Z Catalog to learn more about eligible undergraduate courses for audit at CU Denver.
  • To find out if a class is offered during the term you plan on attending, conduct a Class Search. Not all courses in the Catalog will be offered during the term you audit. Use Class Search to confirm that a course is available.

Here is an example of what Class Search looks like fully filled out:


Filled out Class Search


Once the fields are filled out, click “Search” at the very bottom of the page.

Class Search Criteria. Browse course subjects by clicking on “Select Subject.”


You can also browse course subjects by clicking on “Select Subject.” Then, you can select a letter to find a subject.


Class Search Course Subject Lookup

To view all courses offered within a subject, leave the course number blank and fill out the other fields.

  • Now that you know which course(s) you want to audit, contact the instructor(s) of the course(s) to request permission to attend through the Lifelong Learners Program. Instructors' emails are typically, or you can call their academic department for their email.
  • Submit the Participation Request Form (last page of this packet) to Lynx Central. Ink signatures or emailed permission from the instructor to are accepted. It is recommended to submit forms via email to so processing can immediately occur. However, forms can also be submitted in-person to Lynx Central (Front desk on first floor of Student Commons Building).
  • Confirm your Participation Request Form has been approved by emailing
  • Go to the ID Station in-person (Tivoli Suite #269) to purchase a Campus ID card and request it be encoded for building access.
  • Attend class(es) in-person. If needed, ask your instructor/s) or classmates) if they would be willing to email you class materials while you wait for access to Canvas. Canvas is an application that most instructors use to publish course materials online.

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