How to Audit a Class

1) Schedule Courses

Click on the schedule of courses and choose 1 to 2 courses that fit the criteria outlined in the program guidelines

2) Contact the Instructor

Contact the instructor(s) to request permission to attend the class through the LLP. (Instructors emails are typically First Name.Last, or you can call the department)

*Do not purchase books or materials until instructor has signed the participation form.

3) Non-Credit Application

If you have not participated in the previous 2 semesters, complete the online Non-Credit Application.

  • Select-Create an account to start a new application
  • Completely fill out the information form
  • On the Application page select-Start New Application
  • Application type- Continuing and Professional Education
  • Open application- Continuing and Professional Education
  • Select-Non-credit
  • Fill out form and submit
  • After Submitting your application, you will be emailed your 9-digit Student ID number

4) After Admission

Congratulations! You've been accepted to CU Denver and now you get to choose the courses you want to take. Just a few additional items to remember:

  • Attend the chosen class/es the first week of the semester.
  • Complete and submit the Participation form to the Lynx Central (Student Commons, 1107).
  • Canvas access is not immediate and will be granted by the third week of class.